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2020 NFL Draft: LB Markus Bailey Scouting Report

Markus Bailey is a strong talented football player. He was one of my favorite linebackers to watch last year. This athlete brings a great intensity to the field and goes 110 percent every play. There is so much to like about this stud and he will definitely have a big role on an NFL team.

Markus Bailey Stats

Big number 21 stands at 6’1” and weighs 240 lbs. Bailey, in 2019 had 14 total tackles, 10 solo tackles, and 1 sack. The star defender moves great across the field and has a good set of eyes to read quarterbacks. Purdue did a great job raising such a skilled player.

Bailey’s Strengths

Bailey has lots of talents that he shows off well. First off, his football IQ is outstanding. He knows when to play each type of defense and does a great job controlling the defensive side of the ball. He is very smart when it comes to reading an offense. Also, this elite player is a great tackler. He is tough and not afraid to stick his nose into an offensive player. He has great form on his tackles and every hit he lays is hard and physical. Finally, from what I’ve watched, Bailey plays great zone coverage. He performs best when he is back and reading the eyes of the quarterback. He has the ability to come up and make plays quickly in zone coverage. This player is going to make an impact at the next level. I’m excited to see how he does on the big stage.

Bailey’s Weaknesses

Markus Bailey has some weaknesses that stood out to me. First, he struggles with man to man coverage. He will need to be more physical at the NFL level. Offensive players will take advantage of that once they see that weakness. Bailey can definitely improve on that aspect of his game. Another hole that I’ve seen in this prospect is his flexibility. His hips look ”tight” from time to time and sometimes it seems like he tenses up. He will need to play nice and loose at the next level. He has a hard time throwing his hips quickly from time to time. Finally, this defensive player has a hard time exploding right off the snap. From what I’ve seen he can get a bit lazy with his first steps which might give his man an advantage. Besides those few tweaks, Markus Bailey will be fun to watch next year at the next level.

Markus Bailey Projection

Bailey is a good quality linebacker with a lot of talent but also has some areas to improve. He is projected to go in the 4th or 5th round of this year’s draft. The Redskins and Cowboys would be good landing spots for Markus. He will for sure be able to help an NFL team win games next season.

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