MLB Players Are Speaking Their Minds

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This sign-stealing scandal just won’t go away. More and more players are discussing their feelings with the media, not bothering to filter themselves. Players are furious, the Astros are being smug and nonchalant, and Rob Manfred doesn’t seem to care. MLB Players are speaking their minds.

The other day, a friend jokingly asked me, “Ken, what would you do first if you were the new MLB Commissioner?” Without hesitation I replied, “Strip the Astros of their title.”

I may not have a big say in the world of Major League Baseball, but others do. This by no means encapsulates the entire sentiment, but I think it’s a pretty good snapshot.

Bauer Fires Across the Bow

Nobody ever accused Trevor Bauer of being soft-spoken. Bauer has repeatedly ripped into the Astros, while taking hack after hack at Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Bellinger With a Moon-Shot

Cody Bellinger scored big, blasting the league, the Astros and specifically, Jose Altuve.

Astros Remain Pompous and Nonchalant

Next, Carlos Correa came out slamming Cody Bellinger for his remarks.

Yesterday morning, Jeff Passan tweeted, “Jose Altuve just walked by a group of reporters, took his shirt off, turned around bare-chested, grabbed another shirt and put it on. Yes, there was a tattoo on his left collarbone. I’m not sure if it was bad or not.”

Obviously, a passive-aggressive stab at the buzzer rumors, but you’d think Altuve was smart enough to leave it alone. I’ve heard so much about the buzzer theory that now every time my phone vibrates, my arms flail involuntarily as though I’m swinging a bat.

Justin Turner takes an at-bat

Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner ripped into Rob Manfred over the sign-stealing scandal and his lack of adequate punishment.

“Does he not know what it means to little kids in that city, trying to inspire those kids to want to be baseball players? Clearly, he doesn’t. He talks about it. He says, ‘Oh, yeah, we want to get the youth involved! We want to inspire the youth!’ But now you’re essentially condoning these guys for cheating. And saying, ‘There’s no precedent’? There’s no precedent because no one’s ever done it before. He just set a soft precedent for how to handle this situation.”

Turner also took issue with Manfred referring to the trophy as “a piece of metal.”

“The only thing devaluing it right now is the fact that it says ‘Commissioner’ on it,” Turner said. “It’s just unbelievable. Is he that out of touch with our game, that those are his comments?” Continuing, Turner added, “Does he not know what we put into these seasons? Does he not know how much work we dedicate to winning that piece of metal? Does he not know what it means to fan bases and cities?”

Yu Darvish Fires Strikes

Cubs’ starter Yu Darvish got his opinion in. “It’s like the Olympics. “When a player cheats, you can’t have a gold medal, right? But (the Astros) still have a World Series title. That makes me feel weird.”

“So they cheat, I think they shouldn’t talk right now,” Darvish said. “Some (opposing players) lost their job. They have to show more apology. I don’t feel anything from those guys.”

There will probably be hell to pay for some of these players, but it’s nice to see MLB players finally speak their minds.

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