John Beilein out as Cavaliers Head Coach

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As of Tuesday night, John Beilein, 67, is out as the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. There have been rumors swirling throughout the week that he and the Cavs were looking to part ways. At the All-Star break, the Cavaliers sit at 14-40.

Beilein is making his exit without much reasoning apparent to fans so far. Right now, we can speculate that he may have not been ready for the bright lights of the NBA. Beilein has had much success coaching in the NCAA, especially at the University of Michigan. The NBA, or at least the Cleveland Cavaliers, don’t seem to be the best fit for him as a coach.

The Cavaliers agreed to pay him a portion of his salary for this year. Beilein had originally signed a four year deal worth around $4 million a year. He will lose most of this with his resignation. His younger brother also stepped down from coaching recently due to personal reasons, so there may be more to this than we know.

Beilein’s Replacement

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As for now, JB Bickerstaff will take over as the head coach of the Cavs. He’s considered the legitimate head coach rather than the interim. Whether he’ll be signed long term is not known yet, but he’ll likely coach the team through the rest of the season. Bickerstaff has been the head coach with the Grizzlies and the Rockets in the past with limited success, but also a small sample size. Bickerstaff, 40, brings a different edge to the table than Beilein with more professional experience and likely much more room to grow.

With the controversy earlier in the year about Beilein’s misspoken words, there were talks of him being removed as the coach. This may have also contributed to his decision to leave the team. Beilein may not have been the coach of the future for the Cavs, but we all hope that he does what’s best for himself whether that means retirement or coaching in college again.

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