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Henry Cejudo and the Odds of a Third Championship

A triple champ in the UFC is never heard of. Holding three belts simultaneously seems an eerie sight to behold and comprehend. Henry Cejudo, one of the most decorated fighters in the UFC, eyes his third title. The man he eyes is coming off a unanimous decision victory over former champion Max Holloway. Alexander Volkanovski became the new featherweight champion at UFC 245 and is already receiving attention. 

Regarded as the “King of Cringe,” Cejudo has certainly been no stranger to outrageous call-outs. Shortly after his bantamweight title victory, Cejudo expressed interest in a bout with Valentina Shevchenko. This fight would be the first time a male and female fighter have ever battled each other in the UFC octagon. The likelihood of this bout is slim to none, however, the featherweight championship, not so much.


UFC 245 has been the centerpiece for multiple potential bouts for 2020. Cejudo has said that all roads lead to a fight with former featherweight and UFC legend Jose Aldo. Jose lost a controversial decision to Marlon Moraes, who lost to Cejudo in the bantamweight championship. Adding Aldo to the list of victories that Henry has compiled over the years would cement his legacy. The men Cejudo has beaten are some of the best the sport has ever seen. TJ Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson, with the possibility of Aldo, is an impressive string of fighters.


The Odds of Adding the Featherweight Crown

Now, to breakdown the odds of Cejudo getting a shot and ultimately winning his third UFC title. Personally, it seems like the Aldo fight will be completed first before talks of a featherweight title become serious. Henry shouldn’t take Aldo lightly anyway, as he looked very well against Moraes. Another hot topic and match the UFC is contemplating is the immediate rematch for the featherweight title between Holloway and Volkanovski. Giving Max a rematch isn’t a bad idea by any means, however, this could slow Cejudo down as he looks for another title. The keyword is slow. Henry Cejudo isn’t known to back down from a challenge, frankly because he makes up his own. 

Is the UFC Ready to Take the Next Step?

The odds are questionable at this point, considering so much has to happen before this fight is thought of. A potential bantamweight title defense vs Aldo could take shape and provide promise for the UFC fans from around the world. A featherweight title rematch could headline a UFC card in Summer. The UFC gave Conor McGregor a chance at making UFC history, by allowing him to make the move to lightweight to challenge Eddie Alvarez. The fight ended behind a dominant McGregor performance and produced a 2nd round KO. Besides McGregor, Amanda Nunes, Daniel Cormier, and the star of this article, Henry Cejudo, have etched their names beside his. Whether your a fan or a hater, a triple champion seems rather hard to believe and digest. The odds right now, granted it is an early call, are that Cejudo will not get a third title.

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