3 Reasons the Houston Rockets Can Win It All


After the Houston Rockets two latest addition, their roster seems set. The Rockets have 27 games left and are currently fifth in the Western Conference. The Rockets have a great chance to finally break through this year.

The first huge game post All-Star break is coming up tonight for the Rockets against the Jazz. The Houston Rockets now have the most unique style in the league. Small ball are the “space city wings” as I like to call them will either change the NBA or fail miserably. The Rockets are in win now mode and these are the three reasons why the Rockets can win it all.

The ultimate switching defense

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Every team runs at times a switching defense it is the new norm in the NBA. The Rockets though have taken it to a different level the last eight games without a center. The Rockets for 48 minutes switch every pick and roll or screen action.

Since playing without Clint Capela the last eight games the Rockets are 6-2. They are number one in steals, top ten in points off turnovers and for all the height jokes tied for 14th in blocks. The Rockets are number one in defensive balls recovered which happens because you have five guys who all have the mobility to chase loose balls.

The Rockets are first in steals also during this time they are more engaged than at any point this season. With the addition of Robert Covington, the Rockets have several players who are similar in height and wing-span which means they never have to change their game plan they play the style they want to play every single time out.

The Houston Rockets will always have the best backcourt

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The combination of James Harden and Russell Westbrook is by far the leading scoring combo in the league. Harden again leads the league in scoring and even with constant double teams still has maintained that lead. Westbrook started the season slowly but has elevated himself into the MVP conversation over the last two months.

The Rockets stagger these two stars for the first few quarters making sure that they will always have an MVP on the floor. Westbrook has thrived more than any other player since the trade of Capela. Westbrook has scored 20 or more points for 30 straight games. This concise with Westbrook limiting his 3-pointers a game from five plus to only one or two a game. When Harden and Westbrook or on the court they provide constant pressure on a defense.

In the playoffs when everything intensifies you need players who can get their own shots against any type of defense and the Rockets have two of the best.

Their is no Golden State in the way this year

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Every hero has a nemesis and for several years the Rockets’ nemesis had been the Golden State Warriors. Four out of five years the Warriors knocked the Rockets out of the playoffs. Last year in the second round the year before that in one of the most heartbreaking series losses in the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors had one of the greatest runs in history. That has changed as the Warriors are lottery bound and even the Lakers and Bucks are great teams they have not proven they are on the Warriors level.

The Rockets will not be facing an all time team this year in the playoffs. As of now their isn’t a team the Rockets should fear in the entire NBA. They have already beaten the Lakers and after a opening night lost to the Bucks have one more game left with them. The Rockets will go into playoffs knowing they wont face any team close to the Warriors pedigree.


There is 27 games left in the season the Rockets have a chance to still move up to number two in the Western Conference. They have beaten every team that is in front of them at least once and with their roster in place and playing the style they want to play the Rockets are ready to shock the world.

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