2020 NBA Trade Deadline Complete Grades

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 06: Robert Covington #33 of the Houston Rockets celebrates his three point basket in the closing minutes of the game against Los Angeles Lakers with James Harden #13 of the Houston Rockets during the second half of the game at Staples Center on February 6, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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The 2020 NBA Trade Deadline brought us a flurry of moves and deals sending Stars, draft picks and young prospects to different cities and situations. Many basketball fans cheered and jeered as they favorite players got moved or their favorite team added a Star Player. In this article I’ll provide grades and context to the major deals from the NBA Trade Deadline to allow informed basketball fans as well as novice viewers to get a understanding with grades and provide a clearer picture of all the deals that were made and how they will effect and impact those teams and the rest of the NBA Season.


1) Andrew Wiggins / D’Angelo Russell Trade

Golden State Warriors / Minnesota T’Wolves

Minnesota Timberwolves Received:

PG D’Angelo Russell

PF Omari Spellman

G Jacob Evans

Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Grades: B

Golden State Warriors Received:

SG Andrew Wiggins

Top 3 Protected 2021 1st Round Pick

2021 2nd Round Pick

Golden State Warriors Trade Grades: A-

How Trade Effects Golden State Warriors:

This is a excellent trade for the Golden State Warriors and possibly the best deal they could of made. In essentially losing Kevin Durant and getting back a 24-Year Old Andrew Wiggins is as good as a return as the Warriors could of hoped for.

In Andrew Wiggins the Warriors are getting one of the league most dynamic young offensive players to go with a core of the best shooting-backcourt of all-time. Wiggins playing in a better structured organization, around better players, and with better coaching can potentially unleash a player the league isn’t prepared for in Golden State.

The Warriors sweetened the deal by also acquiring two draft picks to better their future assets.

How Trade Effects Minnesota Timberwolves:

This is a great deal for the Timberwolves as this deal allows them to rebuild the Franchise around Big Man Karl Anthony-Towns. In acquiring Towns’ close friend and All-Star Point Guard D’Angelo Russell this gives the Wolves a promising young One-Two combination for the future. Russell is trending up as one of the league’s best young guards and pairing him with one of the leagues best young big men in Anthony-Towns for the young Wolves is a major development to Minnesota’s Franchise.

2) Clint Capela / Robert Covington Trade

Houston Rockets / Atlanta Hawks / Minnesota T’Wolves / Denver Nuggets

Minnesota Timberwolves Received:

PG Malik Beasley

SF/ PF Juancho Hernangomez

PF Jarred Vanderbilt

SG Evan Turner

1st Round Pick( BKN via Atl)

Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Grades: B

Denver Nugggets Received:

SG Gerald Green

1st Round Pick( Via HOU)

PF Noah Vonleh

SF/PF Keita Bater-Diop

PG Shabazz Napier

Denver Nuggets Trade Grades: B-

Atlanta Hawks Received:

C Clint Capela

PF Nene

Atlanta Hawks Trade Grades: C+

Houston Rockets Received:

SF Robert Covington

PF Jordan Bell

Houston Rockets Trade Grades: C

How Trade Effects Houston Rockets:

Houston gets a coveted player for their style of play in Forward Robert Covington. Covington is a great perimeter defender that is also one of the league better 3-point shooters. This move allows the Rockets to commit wholeheartedly to their philosophy of “ Small-Ball” Basketball. Covington fits in perfectly to what the Rockets do offensively and defensively. The lost of Big Man Clint Capela is not to be unstated however. Without a true big man after this deal it will be difficult for Houston to beat bigger Western Conference teams in the playoffs such as the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers.

How Trade Effects Minnesota Timberwolves:

Minnesota comes away with a great deal of talent and excellent additions to their overall roster. Guard Malik Beasley is a very talented young guard that can become a core piece for the T-Wolves. Minnesota added another talented potential young piece in Forward Juancho Hernangomez. Hernangomez is a very intriguing developing player who is only 24 and has the potential to be a impactful player in the NBA. Hernangomez makes trading Covington the right move at the right time for the right player. Timberwolves completed their end by also acquiring another asset in a future 1st Round pick from Atlanta.

How Trade Effects Atlanta Hawks:

Atlanta went hunting for a elite big man to pair with young All-Star Pont Guard Trae Young and acquired Center Clint Capela. Capela is a interesting addition to the Hawks as he adds a Rim Runner and Lop-Catcher for Trae Young to utilize. What makes the value in this trade questionable is with John Collins already in the Hawks front-court how much will adding Clint Capela to mix improve the Hawks going forward?

Capela is a very good big man and his talents will add to the overall effectiveness of the Atlanta Hawks. If Capela can play in tandem with John Collins, this becomes a excellent trade for Atlanta.

How Trade Effects Denver Nuggets:

Denver front office did a great job during the Trade Deadline securing pieces that align with their top 7 core players. The Nuggets lost a great deal of promising young talent in Beasley, Hernangomez, Jarred Vanderbilt, but were able to restructure the roster to allow the Franchise to move forward on the court and with the salary cap smoothly.

Noah Vonleh will be a nice front-court player to come of the Nuggets bench and fits better than Hernangomez did in that same role. This was a good move for the Nuggets Franchise but didn’t make their basketball team much better with this deal.

3) Andre Iguodala / Justice Winslow Trade

Miami Heat / Memphis Grizzlies / Minnesota T’Wolves

Minnesota Timberwolves Received:

SF/ PF James Johnson

Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Grade: B

Miami Heat Received:

SG/SF Andre Iguodala

SF Jae Crowder

PF Soloman Hill

Miami Heat Trade Grade: B

Memphis Grizzlies Received:

SF Justice Winslow

PF/C Gorgui Deng

SG Dion Waiters

Memphis Grizzlies Trade Grade: B+

How Trade Effects Memphis Grizzlies:

This was a great deal for the Memphis basketball Franchise. In adding Justice Winslow the Grizzlies add a perfect fit to the young core they have established this season. Winslow skill set and maturity matches well with the Grizllies young stars of Point Guard Ja Morant and Power Forward Jaren Jackson Jr. Memphis was essentially able to flip veteran Andre Iguodala for a young version in Justice Winslow if Winslow is to reach his potenial in Memphis.

How Trade Effects Minnesota Timberwolves:

James Johnson is a excellent pick up for the Timberwolves and he adds a much needed toughness and perimeter playmaking to the Wolves front-court. Johnson can play well alongside Minnesota Franchise Player Karl Anthony-Towns due to his ability to guard multiple positions and effectively score from anywhere on the court.

How Trade Effects Miami Heat:

Miami was able to come out of this trade addressing all of their needs for the second half of the 2019-20 NBA Season. The Heat needed another wing player that could defend and had post-season experience. They added two of those players in former finals MVP Andre Iguodala and in Forward Jae Crowder. The Heat in this trade deadline deal added the necessary depth to allow them to compete in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

4) Andre Drummond Trade

Cleveland Cavalries / Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Received:

PG Brandon Knight

PF John Henson

2nd Round Pick

Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Grade: D-

Cleveland Cavalries Received:

C Andre Drummond

Cleveland Cavalries Trade Grade: A-

How Trade Effects Detroit Pistons:

This was a vitally poor trade on the part of the Detroit Pistons front office. In trading Andre Drummond, they were dealing away the league best rebounder, a young All-Star talent, and one of the league’s best Big Men entering his prime at age 26. To deal this caliber of player the Pistons did not receive back nearly enough to make this deal sensible.

How Trade Effects Cleveland Cavalries:

With the Cavalries making this major deal, this move can end up accelerating Cleveland rebuild much faster than anyone expected. In adding Center Andre Drummond the Cav’s essentially now have three of the NBA’s best rebounders on the same team. Drummond also fits very well as a Rim Protector and Rim Runner with the Cav’s young guards of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland. If Drummond is able to find a home in Cleveland this trade could quietly be the reason the Cavalries are a playoff team again in the Eastern Conference very soon.

5) Alec Burks to Philadelphia Trade

Philadelphia 76ers / Golden State Warriors

Philadelphia 76ers Received:

SG Alec Burks

SF Glenn Robinson III

Philadelphia 76ers Trade Grades: C+

Golden State Warriors Received:

2020 2nd Round Pick(Via Dal)

2021 2nd Round Pick(Via Den)

2022 2nd Round Pick(Via Tor)

Golden State Warriors Trade Grades: C+

How Trade Effects Golden State Warriors:

Golden State was able to turn a couple younger players that aren’t in their future plans for future assets in the form of draft picks. This is a good trade for the Warriors because it allows the Warriors to continue to develop young players this season while adding opportunities to get young talent in the future.

How Trade Effects Philadelphia 76ers:

This has the potential to be a good trade for the 76ers as adding Shooting Guard Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III provides needed floor spacing and perimeter shooting for the Sixers. With the Sixers losing Jimmy Butler and JJ Reddick in the off-season they’ve had a need to add more perimeter shooting throughout this season. Making this move gives this a little boost in that area of need. Burks can potential be a long-term sixth man off the bench for Philadelphia.

6) Dwayne Dedmon back to Atlanta Trade

Atlanta Hawks / Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Received:

SF/ PF Jabari Parker

C Alex Len

Sacramento Kings Trade Grades: B-

Atlanta Hawks Received:

C Dewayne Dedmon

2020 2nd Round Pick

2021 2nd Round Pick

Atlanta Hawks Trade Grades: C-

How Trade Effects Atlanta Hawks:

The Hawks get a solid Stretch Big Man in Center Dewayne Dedmon but with letting him go just last off-season in free agency leaves this acquisition as a bit of a head-scratcher. Dedmon gives the Hawks solid depth and a player that plays well alongside Hawks Star Poing Guard Trae Young. The Hawks also traded for Center Clint Capela at the trade deadline which makes adding Dedmon less effective.

How Trade Effects Sacramento Kings:

This is a solid move for the Sacramento Kings as it gives them further talent and depth on a team that has dealt with a great deal of injuries to their front-court this season. Jabari Parker and Alex Len are two players both drafted very high and with great amounts of potential. If either Len or Parker can find lighting in a bottle in Sacramento this trade becomes a huge win for the Kings.

7) Bruno Caboclo to Houston Trade

Houston Rockets / Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies Received:

PF Jordan Bell

2nd Round Pick

Memphis Grizzlies Trade Grade: C+

Houston Rockets Received:

F Bruno Caboclo

2nd Round Pick

Houston Rockets Trade Grade: B-

How Trade Effects Houston Rockets:

This trade for the Houston Rockets has the opportunity to be a huge boom. Bruno Caboclo was a hyped international prospect out of the 2014 NBA Draft that is now turning 24 years old and finding his way in professional basketball. Caboclo’s skill set as a long versatile defender with untapped talents on the offensive end can prove to be very valuable for the Houston Rockets as they go all in on their “Small-Ball” Lineup Philosophy.

How Trade Effects Memphis Grizzlies:

Memphis gets a solid front-court player in Jordan Bell. Bell style of play will fit well with the young energetic core of the Memphis Grizzlies. This trade made good sense for both the Rockets and Grizzlies and can be a trade that has long term effects or one that was just centered around potential.

8) Marcus Morris / Moe Harkless Trade

Los Angeles Clippers / Washington Wizards / New York Knicks

Los Angeles Clippers Received:

F Marcus Morris

PG Isaiah Thomas

Los Angeles Clippers Trade Grades: C+

Washington Wizards Received:

SG Jerome Robinson

Washington Wizards Trade Grades: B+

New York Knicks Received:

SF Moe Harkless

2020 1st Round Pick(Via Lac)

2023 2nd Round Pick(Via Det)

Rights to International PG Issuf Sanon

New York Knicks Trade Grades: A-

How Trade Effects Los Angeles Clippers:

This Clippers move added depth to their roster and added an effective player built for tough post-season play. In Marcus Morris the Clippers add another player similar to Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams as a offensive player that can take and make big shots. Essentially the Clippers were able to flip a younger Forward Moe Harkless for a more veteran offensive minded basketball player for that position.

How Trade Effects Washington Wizards:

The Wizards made a excellent pick up in Shooting Guard Jerome Robinson. Robinson is a offensive talent who will be able to get more shots and opportunities playing in Washington. Washington was able to add a valuable piece for the roster and future in exchange for Isaiah Thomas who wasn’t in the Wizards future plans. Robinson skills and talents fits in well with the offensive scheme and philosophy that is ran in Washington under coach Scott Brooks.

How Trade Effects New York Knicks:

The New York Knicks were quietly able to put together an excellent trade using a temporary veteran player signed in the off-season to flip and add multiple future assets at the trade deadline from. The Knicks were able to trade Morris for a younger Moe Harkless that is from the New York City area. Harkless is only 26 and fits the timeline of New York’s other young talent better than the senior Morris. New York was also able to obtain a 1st Round pick and an intriguing young international Point Guard prospect in Issuf Sanon.

9) James Ennis to Philadelphia Trade

Philadelphia 76ers / Orlando Magic

Philadelphia 76ers Received:

SF James Ennis

Philadelphia 76ers Trade Grade: B-

Orlando Magic Received:

2nd Round Pick

Orlando Magic Trade Grade: C+

How Trade Effects Philadelphia 76ers:

This is a solid deal for the 76ers as adding James Ennis gives the Sixers added depth as well as another player that fits alongside the Sixers two Franchise Cornerstones in Center Joel Embiid and Point Guard Ben Simmons. Ennis is a good defensive player that can also shoot the three ball. He’s a veteran player that can step in and help the Sixers during the regular season and when the Sixers enter post-season play in May.

How Trade Effects Orlando Magic:

Orlando was able to effectively clear some cap room and also add a draft pick for a player that wasn’t in their future plans. Trading Ennis gives other wing player the Magic have more opportunity to play and gives Ennis a better situation in Philadelphia to better flourish in.

10) Jordan McRae / Shabazz Napier Trade

Washington Wizards / Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets Received:

G Jordan McRae

Denver Nuggets Trade Grade: B

Washington Wizards Received:

PG Shabazz Napier

Washington Wizards Trade Grade: B-

How Trade Effects Washington Wizards:

This trade gives the Washington Wizards another ball handler and creator from the Point Guard Position. This is an effective trade because Shabazz Napier adds solid play to the Wizards bench unit as the Wizards push for a post-season berth. With the Wizards getting sharpshooter Jerome Robinson from the Clippers also at the Trade Deadline this move becomes more valuable for Washington to be able to move Shooting Guard Jordan McRae to Denver.

How Trade Effects Denver Nuggets:

Denver made a solid move here adding perimeter shooting in Shooting Guard Jordan McRae. With Denver losing a few backcourt players from their bench during another Trade Deadline Deal, this move for McRae is a excellent get for the Nuggets. McRae is a great shooter that can get hot from long range, so he will be able to add a valuable court spreading presence to the Nuggets already deep roster. The Nuggets were able to trade away PG Shabazz Napier because Denver already had on the roster a handful of playmakers that wouldn’t allow Napier to get much minutes or game action

As the NBA approaches an exciting and eventful 2nd half of the 2019-20 NBA Season we can see how the trades and moves made at the Trade Deadline will take effect. Here was my breakdown of the deals made, in time we’ll see the real results. Thanks for reading

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