Lakers Defeats Celtics in a Close Battle


Lakers defeat the Celtics in a tight win despite free throw concerns all night.

Los Angeles Lakers

All eyes was on the Staples Center as the showdown was about to commence between two of the most historic teams in the association. Lakers versus Celtics a half noon tip off in a sold out Staples Center.

LeBron James scored 29 points and put the Lakers ahead on a fall-away jumper with 30 seconds left to play, which ensured the purple and gold to split the season series.

A constant issue for the Lakers during Sunday’s battle was their ability to convert at the penalty. James missed a tying free throw. However, the 17-year veteran calmly made the fadeaway to calm the nerves of Laker nation. The Lakers stay ahead in a competitive and frantic fourth quarter.

Anthony Davis notched up 32 points alongside 13 rebounds in the fifth straight win overall for the Lakers. LeBron had another superb all-round game adding 9 assists 8 rebounds to his 29 points. During the post match interview James described the sequence of events leading up to his dagger fadeaway. “Dream Shake to the baseline and was able to open up the middle and get my fadeaway.”

Seconds away from the clock expiring, Tatum was called for an offensive foul and the Lakers could finally celebrate as they have avenged last month 32 point blowout defeat at the TD Garden.

Another thrilling contest between the two ball clubs which both have a combined 33 titles between them.

LeBron James later added his views on the meaning of this historic rivalry. “It’s just special to be part of this rivalry,” James said. “We understand that this has been going on since the `50s, `60s, `70s, `80s, `90s, all the way through. So to be a part of a rivalry, to be a part of a historical two-franchise group, this is special”.


Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker was absent for Sunday’s clash with the Lakers ,as a result we witnessed a Kobe esque performance from Jayson Tatum. Draining step back threes, to converting his free throws the 21-year-old has a career high in points. 41 points , becoming the fourth youngest Celtic to notch up a 40 point game against the Lakers.In addition, Jaylen Brown chipped in 20 points to accommodate the explosive performance by Tatum.

The Celtics shot 45.8% from the field and where pretty average from three point land as they shot at 38.2%.

(LeBron nailed the dagger fadeway to put the Lakers up by one)

Up next for the Lakers & Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers host the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night , looking to win their sixth straight game.

The Boston Celtics continue their western conference road stance, as they travel to Portland on Tuesday night.

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