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First I would like to preference that I gathered this through some input on Twitter, Instagram and some opinions of other OTH Writers, if you think it’s incorrect feel free to debate with me on Twitter! Link down below! Thank you for reading the ranking of the top 10 Heat jerseys in team history in my opinion!

10. 2014 Christmas uniforms

For several reasons these are very cool, for one they keep the same Color of the Heats red and black with white numbers and yellow accents. Secondly, I like how the logo was across the chest in replacement of the basic (but great) ”MIAMI” it was a great switch for a team that had a new look that season as there were a lot of new faces in Heat uniforms! Lastly the uniforms instead of having the last names on the back, for example, the regular jerseys would say “WADE” on the back these Christmas jerseys but these (as shown below) said “DWYANE” and the first names of all players!


9. White Miami Vice

When the Miami Heat started hinting at the “MIAMI VICE” colors not only were Heat fans excited to see what the organisation was going to come up with but basketball fans, in general, were pumped about them. Some people might say that I’m ranking this to low, I admit that they are very clean and are in the top 10. However, I think that these jerseys are a little bit of a letdown because there isn’t enough “POP “ as these should be not like the other VICE CITY jerseys that you will see later in the list.


8.Retro home debut Jerseys

When the Miami Heat first expanded into a franchise in 1988 they wanted to embody the Name and went with these home jerseys and they are very nice! In a time with lots of memorable jerseys you have do have an all-time jersey to stand out! And this is that!


7. 2014 Nickname Jerseys

These for me are in the same place as the 2014 Christmas jerseys I just like these a lot more. On the 10th of January 2014, the Miami Heat played the Brooklyn Nets and they wore these very cool jerseys where in replace of the last names they used each player’s nickname! Dwayne Wade’s said, “FLASH” the jersey that LeBron James wore said, “KING JAMES” and so on. This has not been done since then and I think for the innovative and the fact that the white home jerseys for Miami are very nice in themselves, this makes the Heat Nickname jerseys from 2014 number 7. the picture below is my favourite nickname Chris Anderson AKA Birdman


6. White Hot

Let’s be honest watching a team with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, and other great supporting cast was super fun to watch and was a great time to be a fan. If you remember the Heat were almost superhuman when it came to playing at the American Airlines Arena! In the 2012-2013 season. The team went 37-4 at home and wore these! The “WHITE HOT JERSEY” these jerseys are simply clean and even though they are only white and black they somehow pop very nice on the court! For the reason of these jerseys being very clean and the fact that they mean so much to the Heat organization, they earn number 6 on my list!

white hot

5. Miami Vice Black Edition (2017-2018)

If you remember these jerseys then you remember that they lived up to the hype. Some fans were disappointed with the first edition of the jerseys. The Heat came back with a vengeance with these ones! The dark jerseys with the bright pink and blue writing popped on any court and against any uniform!  


4. 2013 Championship alternates

Imagine you’re a Heat fan in 2013 your heat team just went off and won the chip and life is good. You turn on the game to watch the Heat get their championship rings from the last year and they are wearing these! the gold is such a beautiful color when mixed with the red and white heat home uniforms. Too top it off the stitched on a badge of the Larry O’Brien trophy on the shoulder! This is what makes these jerseys number 4 on my list.

4 1

3. Floridian “Away”:

These things are “beuts” I love every part of them they look retro they embrace the bright lights of Miami on an away jersey, the font is amazing and any jersey was worn by Shaq, any jersey with bright colors and worn by “The Big Aristotle” gotta be in the top 10 I loved everything about them so much I put them in the top 3.


2. Miami Vice (City jerseys 2019-2020)

When I thought of this year’s City jerseys I thought they were going to run out of ideas. I mean they already had 3 very good designs of jerseys and somehow they even made these jerseys look fresh and new! The Bright blue jerseys with the inverse numbers and logo. To explain it means that the number is bright pink with the white outline and the logo being White with the pink outline. The little things like that make it that much better! That’s why I put these at number 2 on my list.


1. Miami Vice (City jerseys 2018-2019)

When you think of the Miami nightlife you think of these jerseys! These super Bright pink jerseys scream Miami and the exciting basketball that goes with it! These uniforms have a Neon pink base with White Writing that really stands out from the pink and that is because of the blue outline that the jersey has. It’s just a perfect city jersey and while wearing people will see you! even if you’re sitting in the nosebleeds. 


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