Oliver Enkamp After His Bellator Dublin Win

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Oliver Enkamp (9-2) returned to action in Dublin, where he took a tough fighter in Welshman Lewis Long (17-6) at Bellator 240. Enkamp’s last bout in Bellator saw him secure a win v Walter Gahadza via first-round submission. The Swedish native followed up that win with an even more impressive one in Dublin at the 3Arena.

Enkamp opened things up with a spinning attack to the body of Long. Both men then ended up clinched against the cage. Long looked for a choke but was unable to advance on anything and continued to be pushed up with his back against the fence. Long scored a takedown but Enkamp was quickly back to his feet almost effortlessly.

Enkamp went looking for a single leg takedown while he had Long against the cage and almost got caught in a guillotine choke. Long was unable to make anything come from it though. As both men exited the grappling exchanges they looked to engage and land shots of their own with their only being one winner and one outcome. Enkamp landed a spectacular spinning elbow that ended the fight with 50 seconds left in round 1.

I caught up with Oliver Enkamp after his dominant performance to give his thoughts on his time in Dublin.


Now Bellator Dublin is in the books and over with, with your impressive round 1 knockout over an experienced opponent in Lewis Long, how are you feeling and what’s next for Oliver Enkamp?

Enkamp – “I feel good, how could I not after such a great victory! However, there’s always a “void” left after events like this, since the build-up to it is so long and lots of emotions go into it… So when it’s suddenly over it feels like you exist in some kind of vacuum for a while. It’s a pleasant but weird feeling… It makes me think “did that really just happen?”.

You threw a spinning back fist that caught Long and ended the fight. Is that how you expected the fight to play out or did it surprise you?

Enkamp – “Yes, I practised that technique a lot in my training, and actually planned to use it in the fight! (with a different kind of set-up though).”

You had a tough time competing in the UFC recently, unfortunately, losing both bouts. How important was it to sign for Bellator and show them the real Oliver Enkamp, with two round one finishes?

Enkamp – “I’ve always known I have the potential for greatness, but in hindsight, I was picked up a bit too early in my career by the UFC. I’ve matured so much in my body and understanding of fighting since then – so I’m a completely different fighter today. To join Bellator was therefore very important to me; to be able to show (most of all to myself) what I am capable of accomplishing. So these last two wins have felt like redemption for my previous two losses.”

What was your experience in Ireland like fighting under the Irish crowd, did it feel any different to when you last competed in London?

Enkamp – “The atmosphere in the 3-Arena was crazy, but I was prepared for this because everyone told me the whole building shakes when they have a fight in there! So to prepare for that energy I did a lot of visualization, scouted the arena etc. to have a picture of what it would feel like, and not get overwhelmed, come fight night!”


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