Sign Stealing is Nothing New in MLB

Houston Astros: Sign Stealing

Sign Stealing is Nothing New in MLB and the Houston Astros are not the first team in MLB that have stolen signs. It’s been going on in MLB, and even in the minors for a long time, and that’s well known.

However, it’s never been so heavily scrutinized and vilified by the media to this extent. The Houston Astros quickly became the most hated team in baseball as a result of their cheating scandal.

For so long Houston has endured countless decades of hardship and struggle. The Astros have never had close to as much to spend as some as teams in bigger markets. The Yankees, for example, have always been able to “buy” a championship with their payroll.

It’s interesting that big market teams like New York and Los Angeles have not been called out as much for issues surrounding sign stealing.

When the opportunity presented itself to again bring the cheating to light with a lesser financially powerful team, the world of baseball took the shot and crippled the Astros for what could be an entire generation of time. 

Mike Fiers:

This was given light to, by a disgruntled ex-Astros’ pitcher named Mike Fiers that was let go by the team because of his loose cannon attitude. Fiers was no hero; he led the league in wild pitches in 2017 with Houston. That included throwing a pitch on September 14th, 2017 aimed at Angels’ batter, Luis Valbuena. Fiers got suspended for the incident, and was left off 2017 playoffs’ roster, thus diminishing value to a pitcher who was set to hit free agency.

Fiers presented himself as the perfect pawn to set the example of intolerance, incriminating the Astros when he had been part of that team. Which leads us to ask ourselves… what was Fiers’ and the MLB’s agenda? Why now? Why the Astros? Hopefully, with time, the MLB can crack down on the issue.

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