James Harden responds to Critics in ESPN Interview

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There are some certainties in life taxes, 80-degree temperature in Houston in January and criticism of James Harden game. Harden normally shy’s away from making comments about it or about other player’s criticism of him. In an interview with Rachel Nichols of The Jump Harden commented on the Rockets going all in on small-ball and the constant criticism he receives.

Harden response to the critisim

During the All-Star break, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lebron James were drafting their teams for the All-Star game. After Antetokounmpo didnt select Harden Barkley stated “You don’t want the dribbler? This prompted Antetokounmpo to make this statement.

Antetokounmpo would go on to take another shot at Harden after his team lost the All-Star game

This is just the latest examples but this type of unprovoked criticism has been going on for Harden’s entire Houston Rockets career. Many believe the comments from Giannis Antetokounmpo steams from Harden being asked about rather he should have been MVP last year but again those were question ask directly to him just lik ein this interview. Harden while being asked about this criticism had this to say. (Starting at the 2:30 mark)

Harden points out that no one points out that he is double team all game long from the time he crosses half court. Also, Harden talks about the joke that was made at his expense by Antetokounmpo.

“Giannis made a joke on the air [saying] I want to take someone who can pass, I’m taking Kemba Walker,” prompted Nichols. “I average more assists than him, I think,” responded James, to which Nichols confirmed.

Harden then followed it up with this statement.

“When it’s all said and done, they’ll appreciate it more. I wish I was seven-feet and could just run and dunk. Like, that takes no skill at all. I gotta actually learn how to play basketball and how to have skill.”


James Harden in this interview pointed out how most of the media narratives about him are false. When you are constantly misrepresented sometimes you have to be the one to set the record straight.

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