The Cincinnati Bengals Plan on Keeping A.J. Green


The Cincinnati Bengals have already decided to keep A.J. Green for at least another season. Now the only thing left to do is decide how to keep him on the roster. The Bengals have till March 12 to franchise tag Green.

The Cincinnati Bengals Have Plans for the Future

With all the media talk about A.J. Green’s future, you would think there was never a plan to keep A.J. Green. That is nowhere near the truth. Green wants to end his career in Cincinnati and the organization wants this too. With the time counting against them a franchise tag looks imminent. Green has already agreed to play under the tag which makes a deal in the future possible. If he does become tagged then the Bengals have until July 15 to conduct a new deal. If there is no deal then he has to play off the tag.

What Will the Franchise Tag be Worth?

AJ Green in The Cincinnati Bengals home orange Jersey.

when a tag is placed on a player that player will receive a one year tender. This is all guaranteed and it will be the average of the five best salaries at that position. This will guarantee Green for one season at 18.5 million dollars.

Market Value

With A.J. Green’s expired four-year extension, he was making 15 million dollars a year. In his last season and a half, he has not played a single snap due to injuries. With that in mind, his current market value is 9.75 million dollars a year. This would place him in the same age bracket and market of Julian Edelman, Emmanuel Sanders, Larry Fitzgerald, and DeSean Jackson.

Due to the injuries, it is safe to say the new contract will only be two years. This is exactly what the franchise tag is for. Next season will ultimately be yet another injury-plagued season or it will be a comeback for AJ Green. If the Bengals wait till the season is over then they can see about extending for more than two seasons. His market value will also go up. This contract needs to take time to get the right type of length on the contract. Plus the market value on a wide receiver like him health can go up.

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