Andy Dalton Is Being Shopped By Three Teams


Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals will be parting ways this offseason. The best thing for both parties is to trade Dalton instead of cutting him. At this time there are three possible trade partners. These three teams are the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Chicago Bears. All three teams could be facing hard times at the quarterback position but of course, there can be better options.

Andy Dalton to the Patriots?

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This has an odd ring to it. The Patriots might go without Tom Brady? If Tom Brady leaves I have a feeling Bill Belichick would want to groom a young arm. Marcus Mariota is a free agent and will cost less than Dalton. Although if anyone can make Dalton a champion it will be at the hands of Belichick. Don’t count on this move. Andy Dalton’s last year of his contract is expensive compared to quarterbacks that have had a better season that cost less.

The Chicago Bears Inquired About Dalton

Andy  Dalton instead of Mitch Trubisky

The Chicago Bears really feel like their whole franchise is in limbo. Mitchell Trubisky has been less than average through most of his young career. There is no doubt the Bears want to give him competition for the starting Qb job.

The rumors that have been spreading about the Bears wanting Dalton is just a rumor. How can an organization trade for an expensive quarterback to possibly only be a backup? Besides, the Bears don’t have the capital to take a risk. Andy Dalton had success with a solid offensive line, solid weapons, and a top ten defense but the Bears are struggling in a lot of areas.

Andy Dalton to the Colts is the Most Logical Trade Partner

This just seems great. The Colts have solid weapons at wide receiver and running back. They have a solid offensive line and they have a vastly improved defense. These are all components that Dalton can thrive in.

The Indianapolis Colts have the third-best salary cap savings in the NFL. They have 86 million dollars in cap space which is easily manageable for Dalton’s last year of his contract.

The Bengals are looking to make huge deals during this offseason. Here is a deal prediction I made up. The Cincinnati Bengals will trade Andy Dalton and their second-round pick for the Colts first-round pick. This will put the Bengals in the driver seat by draft time to draft a solid linebacker. Andy is definitely not worth a first but with the second-round pick, it will benefit even the Colts.

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