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Flyers Update – Metropolitan Divison Title Within Reach

65 games into a roller coaster of a season, you may never have thought the Flyers would be so close to leading the Metropolitan division. The best division in the league by far, the Metro features 3/4’s of the league’s most recent Stanley Cup Champions in the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals. It also has a total of 6 teams who would be top 3 if they played in the Pacific division. These 6 Metro division teams are currently 6 of 12 of the top-ranked teams in the league. The Metropolitan Division isn’t just the best division in hockey, its the best division by a landslide, homerun, 1000 miles, and 10 touchdowns.

Metropolitan Division: Fury Road

Could the Flyers take the Metro?

So, as a team who could potentially not make the playoffs or come in first place in their division with just a swing of wins or losses from any of six different teams, what do the Flyers chances look like going forward? As of right now, there are plenty of negatives and positives. A few positives are that they will get another swing at divisional rivals before seasons end, with Washington, Carolina, New York (Islanders), and Pittsburgh still remaining on the schedule. The two teams in front, and the two teams closest behind. These are the biggest games of the season as they could make or break the Flyers playoff and division champion chances.

Another is that the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins have been less than stellar. The Caps are 4-5-1 in their last ten and Pens are 3-6-1. If the Flyers are going to steal first place, they need this downward trend from Washington and Pittsburgh to continue. The last bit of good news is that a large number of the remaining Flyers contests are at home, giving the Flyers and Carter Hart whatever superpower exudes from the walls of the Wells Fargo Center, allowing him his 18-2-2 home record with a .941% save percentage along with a 1.67 GAA. The Flyers and Hart’s home success is the only reason they’re even in the discussion for sitting atop the Metropolitan Division at season’s end.

Beat the Caps

With tonight’s upcoming matchup against the division leader Washington Capitals looming, its no question the Flyers need to win. They’ll rely on the veterans to continue putting points on the board as they have recently, and Carter Hart to continue standing tall in net. The Flyers managed to step up to the plate against the streaking Rangers during their recent home and home series, outscoring New York 10-5 in those two games combined. Though Washington has struggled as of late, they’re heading into the game having just beaten a hot Minnesota Wild (6-3-1 in their last ten) club on Sunday and you can bet they’ll be looking to continue where they left off.

Key to success

What’s the secret to their success moving forward? Win games. It isn’t complicated, it’s actually quite simple. Those interviews where the players say “get pucks deep” or “get pucks on net”? Do that. Score more goals than the other team. We’ve seen streaks and flashes all season of the Flyers manhandling some of the top teams in the league, and we’ve also seen them lose to San Jose 6-1 or New Jersey 5-1. We’re never quite sure which version of this team is going to show up, but it needs to consistently be the right one if they’re going to make a run. Get the points you need, and beat the teams you’re competing against along the way, and 17 games from now you could be the best team in the best division in the league.

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