NHL Expected to Take Action Regarding COVID-19

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The NHL is expected to take action regarding the latest spread of COVID-19.

This comes after the NBA decided to suspend operations, sparked after a game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder was cancelled. It was later revealed that NBA star Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the virus.

Within the past 24 hours, many notable names tested positive for COVID-19. Daniele Rugani of Juventus (Serie A) tested positive for the virus, leading Juventus and other clubs to enter quarantine.

Popular film star Tom Hanks was also revealed to have tested positive for the illness. Many countries have taken action due to the virus. Italy has entered full lockdown. China, where the virus originated, appears to be stabilizing, but still has the most cases by far. The virus has hit places like Italy, France, Spain, and Iran especially hard. It appears that it’s just starting its impact in North America.

Per Darren Dreger, the NHL isn’t expected to follow suit after the NBA. The NHL is expected to make a statement very soon. However, it doesn’t appear that the situation has gotten to the point where the NHL feels as if it needs to suspend operations.

The San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets are already playing games without fans due to the virus, mostly due to new regional restrictions regarding COVID-19.

Many teams have grounded scouts from flying, in an attempt to limit their potential exposure to the virus.

The NHL released a statement saying they would consult with medical officials before making a decision. Expect one soon.

COVID-19 will likely impact the sports world, as well as the world in general. It will be interesting to see how the NHL handles it and how far it has to go to make them suspend the season.

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