The Real Culprits of the Astros Scandal


Unfortunately, the Astros cheating scandal is still the biggest story in baseball. Like a dark cloud over the soon to be opening day field, Houston has to feel ashamed. Many players currently and previously are regretting that they allowed themselves to take part. Sure the owner Jim Crane, and manager A.J Hinch got their suspensions handed to them, however, the players are yet to get anything. All around the MLB there are well known stars this league respects that are saying a punishment is well deserved. 

The real culprits of this scandal could very well be the players. No matter what, the bottom line came down to the players’ will to go through with it. The cowardliness that each displayed hurt the team and the league. Whether or not the Astros wore buzzers is yet to be proven and might never be in fact. However, the game was still impacted despite the nonsense spoken by Crane. The title was stolen and quite arguably the MVP award, and that can be proven. Whoever the source of this scandal was, it ultimately boiled down to the players consent to portray it. 

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Player Thoughts

Astro players have “apologized” to the league and anyone affected by their actions. Whether people accept that apology is the question they have to decide. Nobody frankly, has accepted their statements and have lost all respect for the Houston organization. One outline that is essential to point out is that the players continue to draw a line at their title. To the league this is utter garbage, and a consequence seems inevitable. 

“What we did in 2017 was terrible, and we all know it and feel really bad about it” Astros shortstop Carlos Correa said. Correa also has been ripped for saying that “unless you know the facts, don’t talk”. The interview with Ken Rosenthal was hilariously false on Carlos’ part as Rosenthal challenged his statements. Telling Correa that the facts have been out for a while now and everyone has access to knowing them. Josh Reddick said that this “team feels sorry for what they’ve done and the fact that they didn’t take a role in preventing it.” There is only so much you can say to an angry league full of frustrated players. 

Altuve and Bregman

Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman have both been very concise when addressing the media in regards to the scandal. “I want to take it as a team, I think we’re all on the same level right now of feeling the way we’re feeling about doing what we did. I’m not here to say ‘you and you’ more than ‘you and you.’ We’re a team. If we are something, we all are something.” Altuve has been backed by teammate Carlos Correa who reportedly said that Altuve didn’t cheat. The statement came in as a response to the MVP award in which Jose won in 2017. Altuve, as well as others, haven’t discussed the degree in which they were guilty of cheating. 

“The choices we made were bad; I think everybody here today is apologizing for that.” Bregman took to the stand saying the same things the league has heard from everyone. Alex was considered a great postseason option and was very effective as others from the Astros were. That is now in deep question in the heat of the scandal. It’s clear that these actions have tarnished the reputation of the players, organization, and the respect for Houston.

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The Unfairness of it All

Pete Rose is known for his ban from the MLB hall of fame because of a bet he placed on his team. Upon him admitting his incidents, Rose received a lifetime ban in 1989 despite the greatness of his career. Some people have been calling on this to act upon the Astros players, such as Altuve, Springer, Bregman, etc. Betting on games is bad, but if the Astros’ players weren’t punished, Rose’ lifetime ban should be lifted.

What’s even more mesmerizing is that the Astros players´ careers may have just been tarnished forever, no matter the success they may or may not have in the future. The cheating scandal is what people will remember about them most clearly. How crazy is it to think that the all star appearances could have been fony from 2017 to present day? How incredibly angry they must feel for the Astros not getting what they rightfully deserve. Not even a measly fine or suspension has fallen upon them, and no sign of it to come.

Final Words

The Houston Astros deserve whatever punishment they receive and then some. The MLB will most likely never go to the extreme of taking away their title or giving a lifetime ban on the hall of fame. Players have the ultimate consent to partaking in whatever the activity is. They have failed to stand up against their own organization and thus chaos is and will be with them. Seeing the Astros play this season is going to be something to behold. From everything from the boos to every other thing that crosses the line.

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