2020 NFL Draft: Oregon LB Troy Dye Scouting Report

Troy Dye 2020 NFL Draft

Troy Dye is a big explosive linebacker who can make big plays on the defensive side of the pigskin. He has everything it takes to play in the NFL. This stud is just a great all-around athlete.

Dye’s Stats

This play-maker stands at 6’4” and weighs in at 225 lbs. In 2019, he had 84 total tackles, 52 solo tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. Dye put up great numbers all-around last year and I can’t wait to watch him play at the next level.

Dye’s Strengths

Troy Dye has many strengths in his game that stand out. First of all, for his size, he can really get around the field with good speed. His first steps right off the snap are quick letting him excel with speed and balance. Also, a big thing I’ve noticed Troy does well is communicating. He does a great job calling out the offense and has a great mind when it comes to shifting and motioning. In my opinion, his best skill is being able to chase down running backs. He reads runs so well and he always gets good jumps when those backs get the rock. He has great closing speed and when he lays a hit, you know it was Troy Dye who made that play. This guy is full of talent.

Troy Dye’s Weaknesses

Dye doesn’t have too many holes in his game that really catch my eye. There are a few that people might notice. Sometimes it seems like he can get a little overwhelmed when he tries to get inside on bigger lineman when rushing a quarterback. Another weakness is his flexibility. Sometimes it seems like he can struggle to get around hard blocks and getting through tight windows. Besides those few holes, this athlete will definitely be a factor in the NFL.

Troy Dye’s projection

I think Dye will be a late second-round pick. He will be a great addition to any defense and will be able to make big plays for his future team. This player is an absolute stud.

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