COVID-19 Impact on the XFL

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The sports world was flipped on its head when the announcement came in that the NBA had suspended their season. That stemmed from Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert testing positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus), according to ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski. This wasn’t the beginning of the major news day though.

The XFL was hit when Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced that he has put a ban on large crowds with a limit on 250 people. What does that mean for the XFL? The Seattle Dragons are scheduled to play the LA Wildcats in CenturyLink Field on Sunday. That resulted in the XFL acting fast and announcing that the teams will play Sunday without fans.

As of Wednesday night, the XFL will play the other games with fans and all four games will be played this weekend. The Coronavirus has had its effect on other sports as the NCAA also announced that the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments will be without fans as well.

Both Sides of the Argument Involving COVID-19

It’s a tough situation for the XFL as they are in their first season which means revenue is important for the time being. Attendance is critical for the league to continue to push forward in its three-year plan. While TV ratings are a good indicator of whether they will be able to sustain, having fans in the stands is important to the XFL experience.

On the other side of things, public safety is a must for the XFL and for the country. It’s a virus that has been spreading for some time and continues to be getting worse and worse. The situation could be more dangerous if fans are in the stands together. Some XFL players have spoken out who want to keep playing like Houston Roughnecks cornerback Charles James II.

It’s understandable for players to want to continue playing as they feel healthy and want to play the game they love. The XFL wants to continue as they try to keep business going to advance to a second season. Fans need a distraction away from the Coronavirus and want to watch football over the weekend. Is this worth it to risk people’s health to continue to play?

Fans should remember that no matter what happens, this is bigger than sports. Whether the league decides to push forward with games or suspend the season, we must remember that people’s lives are at stake. There is plenty of health concerns with the Coronavirus and the harmful effects it has on people. It’s a global crisis with a lot of fear behind it.

What Can the XFL Do Now?

The XFL must work with medical experts and government leaders to determine what the next course of action. If the league can get more education on the Coronavirus, it could lead to better decision-makers. XFL commissioner Oliver Luck worked with experts on concussions. This is the same thing.

Urgency is key as games are a few days away, but the league must decide what is best for their players, staff, and fans. We will see what the league decides moving forward and how they react in the upcoming week.

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