How Will COVID-19 Affect the 2020 NFL Draft?


The question that is on all football fans’ minds is How will COVID-19 (Coronavirus) affect the 2020 NFL Draft? With the Coronavirus affecting the sports landscape since Wednesday most sports in the U.S. have been suspended until further notice. This includes the newly formed XFL who have played five games already and have five games remaining suspended their season and are expected to play in 2021.

2020 NFL Draft

Now, even though the National Football League has not played any games yet or held any major events as of now, it has still rocked the league’s offseason routine. After the players are finishing up voting for the new CBA, teams are wondering how Free Agency will work not just financially but proactively. During Free agency, teams normally bring players to the facility and work them out. However, teams are now required to work from home. Not only does it have an impact on free agency, but it also has an impact on pre-draft evaluations. Luckily the league has set up other alternatives like video conferencing

As of now, the start of the new league year and the 2020 NFL Draft will go on as planned. However, with the NFL Annual Owners Meeting has been canceled. NFL cancels all college player visits, sets up alternative via phone or video conferencing.

If the Coronavirus lasts into the middle of April, there are several ways the NFL can do with the 2020 NFL Draft. The NFL can continue to hold the draft without fans in Vegas. They can also hold the draft via conference call, or postpone the draft all together until a later date.

No information has been revealed but luckily are still mock drafts to be done and players to be evaluated.

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