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Manny Pacquiao Should Fight This Guy Next…

Speculation has run rampant when it comes to who may be
Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent. The tentative July date for the multi-division
former world champ’s return has opened the door to a handful of possibilities,
but only a few have been regularly mentioned as leading likely candidates.

Honestly, though, there’s plenty wrong with all of the names

Errol Spence? Spence has yet to return from injuries
sustained in a car crash last year and would be absolutely insane to take a
Pacquiao fight without a tune-up after more than a year off.

Terence Crawford? Crawford’s ties to Top Rank and ESPN
pretty much kill any chance of this fight being made. Manny will not be moving
back to Bob Arum and Arum would probably not have him back unless a multi-fight
deal is on the table.

Mikey Garcia? Garcia is very good and a fairly intriguing
opponent, but how would organizers/promoters sell a big fight with Mikey after
he was completely shutout in his debut at welterweight last year against Errol

Danny Garcia? Danny is good as well, but he’s yet to
re-establish himself as an elite player after losses to Shawn Porter and Keith

And, speaking of Porter and Thurman—what about Porter and
Thurman? Shawn Porter is too much risk for, realistically, too little reward.
Thurman, meanwhile, has not exactly been aching publicly for a rematch after
being bested by Manny last year.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would be
major opponents bringing major money, but neither is a legitimate possibility
at the moment and Manny pursuing fights with either would be something closer
to magical thinking than realistic matchmaking.

So, then, if all of these guys are NOT the right opponent
for Pacquiao, who IS?

The answer is—Gervonta Davis.

Yes, Davis is currently a lightweight champ and Manny is a
welterweight titlist, but who says they can’t make this one at junior
welterweight? Davis adding 5 pounds would not be hard and Pacquiao taking off 5
pounds shouldn’t be too hard, either.

This pairing was hinted at last year, right after Pacquiao
beat Adrien Broner and Davis tweeted a direct challenge to Pacquiao. At the
time, the idea was blown off in favor of other possible pairings, but maybe
it’s time to revisit it.

Pacquiao-Davis has a bit of everything. Competitively, the
contest pits two of the most physically gifted fighters in boxing against one
another. And, in terms of drama and showbiz, it pits Pacquiao against a fighter
under the guidance of archrival Floyd Mayweather, so the promotion can tap into
that Pacquiao-Mayweather angry dynamic.

If Team Pacquiao is looking for a show as well as a solid fight, Gervonta Davis should be approached and offered that July date across from Manny.

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