The History of the Toronto St. Pats


On March 14th in Boston and on March 17th in Toronto, the Maple Leafs will wear their St. Pats jerseys. It is a tradition for the team to honor the rich history of the St. Pats around St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a look at that rich history.

Update: Depending on what happens in the NHL this week due to the Corona Virus, the games on the 14th and 17th might not happen.

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Maple Leafs to wear St. Pats jerseys on March 14th & 17th

A Brief History

On December 7th, 1919 the Toronto Arenas were purchased by the Toronto St. Patrick’s of the Ontario Hockey Association. The NHL team decided to adopt a shorter version of the OHA team’s name and would now be called the St. Pats.  Along with a new name for the 1919/20 season, they would also be wearing new team colors of green & white.

In 1922 the St. Pats beat the Vancouver Millionaires in the Final to win the franchises’ second Stanley Cup. That winning team boasted future Hall of Famers such as team Captain Reg Noble, Harry Cameron, Cecil Dye, and Corbett Denneny. The team would remain the St. Pats until 1927 when the team name would forever be changed to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

St. Pats Players

Here is a look at some players who wore the green and white of the St. Pats. Others would also stick with the team long enough to also wear the blue and white of the Maple Leafs.

Cecil “Babe” Dye

Before their first season began as the St. Pats, the team signed future Hall of Famer Cecil “Babe” Dye. It did not take long for Dye to become the star of the team.  He led the team in scoring for five seasons in a row.  During his time with the St. Pats, Dye would record 174 goals and 36 assists for 210 points in 177 games played.

Jack Adams

For three seasons 1922/23 – 1924/25 another Hall of Famer was chasing Dye for the scoring lead. That player was Jack Adams and in the 1925/26 season, it would be he who led the team in scoring.  That also happened to be Jack Adams last season playing in Toronto.  The 1926/27 season saw Adams play for the Ottawa Senators in his final season as a player. Jack Adams would go on to be the head coach in Detroit for 20 seasons winning three championships. The NHL would later go on to name the Award for Best Coach after him.

Reg Noble

Noble joined the Toronto Arenas in the 1917/18 season and played eight seasons in Toronto. Six of those seasons were as a member of the St. Pats. He was team captain when the team won the Stanley Cup in 1922. He recorded 164 points during his time in Toronto scoring 127 goals in 159 games.  Not bad for a defenseman.

Corbett Denneny

Denneny was an original member of the Toronto Arenas. He would go on to play with Toronto for seven seasons. He led the St. Pats in scoring in 1920 with 23 goals and 12 assists for 35 points in 23 games. He is the only player in franchise history to wear an Arenas, St. Pats and Maple Leafs sweater. He scored a Leafs record six goals in one game, tied years later by Darryl Sittler.  Denneny scored the winning goal in Toronto’s Stanley Cup championship win over Vancouver in 1922.

Harry Cameron

Over six seasons in Toronto, Cameron would play for both the Arenas and the St. Pats. He helped bring two Stanley Cups to Toronto.
– 1918 with the Toronto Arenas
– 1922 with the Toronto St. Pats

John Roach

Roach played in net for seven seasons in Toronto with the St. Pats and the Maple Leafs.  He helped backstop the team to their Stanley Cup victory in 1922. Roach played a total of 222 games in Toronto and a total of 492 games in the NHL.

Bert Corbeau

He spent four seasons with the St. Pats and was the last St. Pats captain. The right-shooting defenseman recorded 18 goals and 16 assists for 34 points in 131 games with Toronto. During the 1925/26 season, Corbeau managed to rack up 121 penalty minutes in just 36 games.

Hap Day and Ace Bailey

Both players spent a brief time as St. Pats but spent much more of their careers as Maple Leafs.  A day spent two and a half seasons with the St. Pats before spending another 10 seasons playing for the Maple Leafs. Bailey only spent a couple of months with the St. Pats before they became the Maple Leafs.

Final Thoughts on the St. Pats

Although it might only be for one or two games a season, I am so glad the Maple Leafs wear the St. Pats jerseys to honor their team history. I am sure the families of these players are honored to see current players paying respect to the St. Pats. I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of our great players from the past.

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