Brewer’s Ray Optioned to Minor Leagues

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The Milwaukee Brewers announced their first round of their spring training cuts on Tuesday, prior to spring training being shut down. Optioned to the minor leagues were outfielder Corey Ray and right-handed pitcher Trey Supak.  Players Jesús Castillo, Thomas Jankins, Drew Rasmussen, Miguel Sánchez, Clayton Andrews, Ethan Small, Mario Feliciano, Payton Henry, and Lucas Erceg were also reassigned to minor league camps. 

Most notable is the demotion of Ray. The Brewers chose him fifth overall in 2016. Ray was once thought to be the future of Milwaukee’s outfield, as he was scouted as a five-tool player.  In four seasons of minor league play, Ray has averaged .235, slugged .406, and tallied just 47 home runs with 164 RBIs.  These are hardly stellar numbers from a first-round draft pick.  Ray also wrestled with injuries throughout the 2019 season which was a contribution to his struggles at the plate.

Ray further regressed throughout the 2020 spring training season. He managed just a minuscule .050 batting average in 20 at-bats. A solo home run against Cinncinatti was Ray’s only spring training hit. Even worse, Ray struck out nine times, in nearly half of his at-bats.

Brewer’s Future with Ray?

Ray has three minor league options remaining.  And it is there he looks to spend a considerable amount of time there this season.  The Brewers currently have five solid options for the outfield in Christian Yelich, Lorenzo Cain, Ryan Braun, Avisail Garcia, and Ben Gamel.  This depth leaves no room for Ray on the Brewer’s roster.  Also, his consistently substandard performance leaves him nearly un-tradeable at the moment.

For now, Ray has ample opportunity to improve his hitting.  He has the talent to do so and with marked improvement and health, he may work his way into a mid-season injury replacement or a late-season call-up. Ray getting optioned to the minor leagues was no shock when the Brewers announced their first round of spring training cuts.  His notable lack of overall performance is the real surprise. 

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