The NBA as Seen Through the Eyes of Marvel


With the NBA on a month-hiatus+, it got me thinking. What if we combined the worlds of Marvel and the NBA. I complied some of the NBA’s best players and decided to compare them to some of Marvel’s best characters. Some of the characters include Capitan America, Iron Man and Thanos and I will be comparing these guys to the likes of Giannis, LeBron and dare I say Vince Carter. Read through to figure who gets who and why! And also, if you are looking for something to do during this NBA break I highly recommend binging any Marvel movie, especially the latest Avengers films.


LeBron James as Thanos

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If you have seen any of the recent Avenger movies (Endgame and Infinity War) then you know Thanos is the baddest man in the galaxy. He snapped half the population away and even before that was tough to touch. That is what I get from LeBron James. If you know the movies, you know Thanos achieves these infinity stones and keeps getting powerful with each one. Every team LeBron has been on and every timehe keeps getting older, he gets better it seems. This is why he is the NBA’s Thanos. He is the guy everyone strives to take down each season no matter what.

Giannis Antetokounmpo as Capitan America

Giannis at age 18 and Giannis at age 25 (current) is a big-time jump. He went from his lengthy but scroungy freak to now just the Greek-Freak. And, Capitan American before and after the test he underwent was a different man. He also went from this short and small Brooklyn-boy to becoming this bad-man that helps stop the Red Skull and capture the testeract. And, before you say, but wait Giannis is not American? Yes, I know just know that both are freaks and both are great leaders.

Kawhi Leonard as Doctor Strange

Two individuals who are very quiet, but when it is time to get down to business they are dedicated. If you remember and have seen Infinity War, you will know Doctor Strange would not give up on his Time Stone until it was his only option. Kawhi Leonard on the other hand is a jack of all trades like Doctor Strange. Both get the job done when it matters most and both are crucial to their team’s success. Without either of them the Raptors would not be NBA champions and the Avengers would have not stopped Thanos.

Steph Curry as Hawkeye

The marksman Hawkeye and the deadeye shooter Steph Curry. This is a match made in heaven. If you’ve seen the original Avengers movie you know Hawkeye’s shot is on point. And if you have seen the NBA over the past 5-6 years you know Curry has since took over and really revolutionized this game that we know. This was one of the easiest comparisons. as both in their respective “worlds” are deadeye marksman.

Russell Westbrook as THOR

The God of Thunder! Thor brings the hammer and so does Russell Westbrook. He’s no longer in OKC but the affiliation still works and we can still consider him our god of thunder, because when he attacks the rim, HE ATTACKS IT. Westbrook seems like a god and has very similar traits to that of the God from Azgard, Thor. And, as a quick comparison Kevin Durant could be Loki? – as he disobeyed and went behind his ‘brother’s back’.

Vince Carter as Stan Lee

You can’t have Marvel without Stan Lee, RIP the legend Stan Lee. And, you can’t NBA without Vince. What a legendary career that man had, even though it ended in the worst, best way possible. With Stan Lee having a cameo in every Marvel movie you can think of and Vince Carter playing for 8 different teams, both have the experience in their respective leagues.

Now, I know many top players were left out like James Harden, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis as well as many Marvel fan favorites in Spider-Man, Black Panther and the Hulk. However, if I went after all players and all characters this would take forever and be one long article.

I appreciate you if you got down to here and read this article. These are also my own personal opinions of who I think portrays each character the best. If you care to disagree, follow me on twitter @MikeKormanik and I would discuss why or why not you agree/disagree.

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