Cordy Glenn No Longer Bleeds Orange and Black


Cordy Glenn is no longer playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. It was only a matter of time because he has not been healthy. This cut gives the Bengals some leverage when the NFL goes into free agency on March 18.

Health Concerns

Glenn was traded to the Bengals by the Buffalo Bills in 2018. They picked him up in hopes that he would return from injury the same beast he was before. That never happened since he remained injury prone.

The Bengals Are Sticking to the Offseason Plans

The Bengals’ first order of business in the offseason was to cut ties with the deepest pockets on the team. Cordy Glenn was due to make 9.5 million dollars in the final year of his contract. Every bit of that money is a cap saving which brings the Bengals cap space to 56.5 million dollars.

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In the next week, there should be a trade expected with Andy Dalton. His contract no longer has bonuses or guaranteed money which will give them 17.7 million dollars in extra cap space. This will bring the total cap space to 73.2 million dollars.

The Bengals are sticking to the plan. It mirrors the same plan the Redskins adopted. Cut the big contracts and go after bigger fish. This is already looking like a different approach to the offseason because hopefully, Mike Brown can stick to the plan to spend money.

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