NFL Draft Postponed and Moved Out Of Vegas!

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A report by Hub Arkush, who is close to the NFL, says that the NFL is planning on postponing the 2020 NFL Draft due to the Coronavirus. It is also planning on moving it away from Las Vegas.

Fans won’t know that the draft will be delayed and out of Vegas. However, we kind of figured this would happen. A few days ago, the National Football League stopped coaches from traveling to Pro Days and having contact with prospects.

In his report, Arthur Arkush said: “According to my sources, Las Vegas is already canceled — it just hasn’t been announced yet — and the league will announce the Draft is being postponed until late May at least — as soon as the NFLPA’s decision on the new CBA is announced.”

Also, according to FOX 5 in Nevada, the MGM Grand, one of the top hotels on the Las Vegas Strip has shut down due to several employees having the Coronavirus.

What Else

This news about the draft comes days after many North American sports leagues virtually shutting down across the board due to the outbreak of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus. The NBA and NHL both suspended their regular seasons earlier in the week, while the NCAA canceled March Madness and all other championships for spring and winter sports. The Master golf tournament, two NASCAR race weekends and the start of the MLB regular season were also all postponed.

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