The Tweet That Cancelled the NHL Season

I Cancelled the NHL Season

I write this today with many regrets and a great sadness. Our beloved NHL season has been suspended until further notice. But wait! There is a twist. It was me! My Tweet cancelled the NHL season!


Before you get mad at me, let me set the background. I am a huge New York Islanders fan. Since the days of Michael Peca and Alexei Yashin, I bleed the Blue and Orange. This being said, I am a very objective thinker and thus, can be very rational about events that include the teams I support. However, sometimes in the moment I get a bit carried away. This was one of those times (Cue dramatic music*).

The game was a huge in the standings. The New York Islanders and the Carolina Hurricanes were playing at the Barclays Center in a Metro Division rivalry game with massive playoff implications. The Isles had tied the game up with about 5 minutes left on a Josh Bailey goal. Mathew Barzal drew a tripping penalty on Brady Skjei, but then committed a double minor high- sticking penalty against Jordan Staal. The 3rd period ended and the Canes were going to start the overtime (OT) on the powerplay. This is when THE Tweet that ended the NHL season (for now) came about.

The Tweet

OT started and the Canes almost immediately took control of the game. Then it happened. Sebastian Aho passed the puck towards the front of the net and the puck popped up in the air. Andrei Svechnikov then batted it down off the crossbar and this allowed Vincent Trocheck to sweep in the rebound for a Hurricanes win. Or was it? The play went to a review for a possible high stick by Svechnikov on the goal. After seeing many replays from many different angles, it was clear to me that Svech’s stick was above his shoulder when he batted the puck off the crossbar. If there is a high stick in the direct build up to the goal (meaning no Islander touched the puck after the high stick), the refs should disallow the goal. I was confident the call on the ice would be overturned.

Finally, the ref came out after the review, I was sure he was going to say no goal. Alas! Much to the chagrin of Barry Trotz, the Islanders, and myself, the decision on the ice stood and it was ruled a good goal. The Islanders lost the biggest game of the season to date. How could this be true!? I saw the replays so many times and the refs surely would’ve seen the same ones. Even Rod Brind’Amour was shocked to see that the call on the ice stood. This is when I tweeted THE Tweet:

Why Would I Cancel the NHL Season??

Yes, it was me. I single handedly jinxed this NHL season. You could blame the Corona Virus, sure, but I blame myself. You may ask yourself: “Why?” Why did I cancel the season? Was it because the Islanders were sliding off the rails without Pelech and Cizikas? Was it because if the season was resumed and the playoffs started right away the Islanders would make the playoffs based on point percentage? Or maybe was it because I finished my hockey fantasy season 21-1 in first place (humble brag) and was afraid I might lose to McDavid in the first round of the playoffs?

I like to think it was all of the above. But no. I am not an evil mastermind. Just an avid Islander and hockey fan caught up in a moment. Would I take back my words if I could? Absolutely, but what is done is done and it is for the best the Corona Virus is getting too serious. So what to do now that almost all sports are delayed or suspended? I don’t know. Any Netflix recommendations?

P.S. I know the season is suspended not cancelled. Hopefully we will still get some playoff hockey!

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