Atlanta Falcons: The Real Salary Cap Situation


There is a belief that the Atlanta Falcons do not have the cap space to make effective moves in Free Agency. Is this true or another myth that comes with not understanding how the salary cap works?

According to, the Atlanta Falcons are sitting at about $3,982,104 in salary cap space. However, is that really true? How much money is a team really allowed to spend on players each year? Does the NFL really have a hard cap?

Well, to answer that question lets look at a tweet from Tom Pelissero, of and NFL Network, on this matter.

This looks like the Atlanta Falcons have plenty of room to make a deal. It’s not a hard cap like many believe. There are numerous ways to get around it and the best GMs always do. Cap relief is easy to create. Between cuts, restructuring, or even trades.

Fans have been panicking all offseason about the low amount of cap space. Yet, is that really even the case? It has been said that Atlanta has one of the three smallest margins or salary cap available to them, but is that really true?

Rich McKay even told 92.9 The Game’s Mike Bell that the salary cap situation is not as dire as many think:

What Does This Mean for the Atlanta Falcons?

As you can see, the salary cap is not what many think it is. It can be worked around, manipulated, and massaged to work for a team. If a team’s GM is creative enough the salary cap is not a problem.

Don’t expect this to mean that Atlanta is going to get into a bidding war for the top free agents. That is not how they operate. Expect them to shop the discount rack again and try to find some gems. Even though that backfired, big time, for them last year.

Fingers crossed they make the right decisions with the money they have this season. The reality of this situation is, even though Atlanta does have more cap room than has been reported, Thomas Dimitroff still has the keys to the vault, for now.

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