Breaking: New CBA Approved by NFLPA


The NFLPA collectively voted to pass the new CBA sunday. This will bring sweeping changes to the league as a whole.

Numerous additions to the league will take place in 2020, with the most obvious being the addition being two playoff teams added to the field next season. The CBA vote was far from a landslide, with 1,019 votes for, and 959 votes against.

The new CBA will last 11 years, through the 2030 NFL season. The first change the fans will notice is the loss of one preseason game. In place of this, each team will get an additional bye week during the new 17 game season. This deal also includes a raise for all players, which will take effect immediately.

The new playoff format will be: Seven teams from each conference will make the playoffs, with the number one seed being the only one to earn a first round bye. Playoff seeds two through seven will play in the wild card round. This is a drastic change from prior seasons, where the top two seeds earned bye weeks.

The active rosters have been tweaked as well. The game day active roster has increased from 46 to 48 players every week. This expands to the practice squad as well, with an increase from 10 to 12 players.

The pay increase is not a significant one. there is only an increase from 47 to 48 percent of revenue going to the players. The new deal is more about benefiting the fans than anyone else. The addition of two more teams to the playoffs, and another regular season game is not one likely to benefit player health.

The players do receive a raise, but not a significant one. The addition of another bye week will help, but this is to cancel out having to play another game. The new deal also hurts players on the roster bubble. The preseason is where those players earn jobs and losing a week is losing a chance to make a roster.

This new deal is a mixed bag, but a step towards an overall better league.

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