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Bold Predictions of the 2020 AFC West

The Overtime Heroics AFC West writers have gotten together to give you our 2020 bold predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, and Denver Broncos!

Kansas City Chiefs Predictions

Colton Toy (@SomeFantasyGuy): Patrick Mahomes has a career year

Patrick Mahomes won an MVP and Super Bowl MVP in his first two years. He has thrown for 50 touchdowns. But 2020 will be his best season to date. Mahomes will throw for 55+ touchdowns and 5,500+ yards.

Joshua Stepanek (@DrunkMunk888): Chiefs struggle

Call me a hater, call me a fool, but I will still call it as I see it! The Chiefs will begin a downward spiral in 2020. I’m looking at Kansas City’s roster and their lack of cap space, and I see danger ahead! Signing Patrick Mahomes to a long term deal is going to handcuff the team for the next few seasons. What will happen to Mahomes is similar to what Aaron Rodgers has encountered in Green Bay. There’s just not enough money to go around when you have to pay a franchise quarterback. My bold prediction, the Kansas City Chiefs will struggle to make the playoffs over the next few years.

@ChargersHomer: Patrick Mahomes throws 10+ interceptions, Chiefs lose in Divisional Round

We all know how lethal the Chiefs offense has been over the last two years due to Patrick Mahomes. The NFL was not ready for his unique set of skills, and the Chiefs capitalized on that. Teams will begin to counter this style with an accelerated defensive scheme that begins to contain his dynamic abilities. Athletes like Derwin James and Minkah Fitzpatrick will emerge and force Mahomes’ accuracy issues and decision making into question. Chiefs will still be top of the AFC, but the gap between them and the rest will begin to shrink.

Las Vegas Raiders Predictions

Colton Toy (@SomeFantasyGuy): Marcus Mariota pulls a Ryan Tannehill

The Raiders have Derek Carr but they are trading for Marcus Mariota. Mike Mayock, the Raiders GM, had Mariota as the top QB in 2015. Jon Gruden has had issues with Derek Carr. The Raiders are looking to move on and when they falter early in the season they will put Mariota. Mariota will do to Carr what Ryan Tannehill did to Mariota. Raiders will win nine games and secure a playoff spot.

Joshua Stepanek (@DrunkMunk888): Raiders will win the AFC West

I know the Chiefs have owned the division since the arrival of Andy Reid, but if there is one coach who can dethrone him, it’s Jon Gruden! The Raiders started off hot in 2019 and then fizzled out down the stretch because of a lack of depth and inexperience. With a few key free agent signings and another good draft class, look for the raiders to take a huge leap in 2020. Las Vegas will find their groove midseason, fight with the Chiefs to the bloody end, and give themselves a real shot at winning the AFC West Crown in 2020!

@ChargersHomer: Derek Carr will be benched by week 8

The Oakland Raiders have young and bonafide talent on offense. Josh Jacobs is a  top-tier RB entering his second year, Darren Waller is a production machine at TE, and an emerging Hunter Renfrow at WR. Their defense has come around, and has begun to flash their identity. This off-season, with two top-20 draft picks, look for the Raiders to go QB and WR in round 1. With the team’s move to Las Vegas, coaches and ownership will be eager for success and buzz this upcoming season. When Carr continues to underwhelm, watch for Raiders brass to make a QB change to begin the new era for #RaiderNation.

Los Angeles Chargers Predictions

Colton Toy (@SomeFantasyGuy): Chargers sign Tom Brady AND draft Tua Tagovailoa

Tom Brady has several choices on where he can go. He will ultimately choose LA so he can return home and play in front of his family. Brady is not a long term fix, however. The Chargers will trade up to the #3 draft pick and take Tua Tagovailoa. Tua will sit and learn behind Brady before taking over the future.

Joshua Stepanek (@DrunkMunk888): Chargers will have a top-three defense

With a full season of Derwin James on the field and a defensive heavy draft class, the Chargers will build depth. Already possessing one of the best pass-rushing duos in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa, the Chargers will improve on their run defense in 2020! After finishing 9th in total defense in 2018 and 6th in total defense in 2019, the chargers will shore up their run defense and end the season in the top three!

@ChargersHomer: Tyrod Taylor will go 10-6 and Chargers will earn a Wild Card spot

With the release of Philip Rivers and trade for Pro Bowl guard, it appears the Chargers are preparing for a new style of football. Although Tyrod Taylor is far from the gunslinger that you’re used to seeing with Philip Rivers, the one thing you can count on him for his ball security. With the #6 pick and over $50 million in cap space, the team will solidify several key positional and depth weaknesses including OL, WR, CB, and of course QB. The change in scenery, the change at QB, the depth improvement, a healthier team, and more focused attention to details will all help this team to charge back into the playoffs in 2020.

(Bonus: Either Tua Tagovailoa or Jalen Hurts will be on the Chargers sideline preparing for in 2021.)

Denver Broncos Predictions

Colton Toy (@SomeFantasyGuy): Drew Lock will throw for 4500+ yards and 30+ TDs

Drew Lock is set to explode in his second year. Lock took over late last season and the offense looked completely different with him at the helm. Entering his 2nd year he will have more chemistry with stud receiver Courtland Sutton and tight end Noah Fant. The Broncos will also add another game-changing WR in the draft. John Elway will finally nail his QB.

Joshua Stepanek (@DrunkMunk888): Von Miller wins sack title

The Broncos should be competing for a playoff spot, especially with the proposed 14 team format. They will do it on the shoulders of Von Miller! My Bold prediction for the Broncos in 2020 is that Von Miller wins the sack title! With Drew Lock becoming their quarterback in the “now,” Von Miller raises his play and wreaks havoc against opposing quarterbacks.

@ChargersHomer: Henry Ruggs III will terrorize the AFC West

If there is one thing the Broncos need on offense, it is dynamic playmakers. Even with Courtland Sutton’s breakout season, this team struggled immensely with pushing the ball down the field. After letting go of Emmanuel Sanders, their 2nd leading receiver was TE Noah Fant with just 40 rec, 562 yds, and 3 TDs. With Drew Lock coming into his first year as a day-1 starter, this team needs more weapons on the outside to support him. Henry Ruggs III will do wonders for the Broncos, regardless if they fix their OL issues or not.

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