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WrestleCon Promoters Granted Reprieve in Light of COVID-19-Related Cancellation


Good news came to event organizers of WrestleCon, as they were granted a reprieve by the Westshore Marriott. The venue previously demanded $114,202 in damages as a result of the event cancellation.

Saved by Hot Tags From Florida Gov. Desantis… And Chris Jericho

Organizers announced on Twitter Tuesday evening that the venue would agree to honor the “force majeure” or impossibility clause of their contract. In other words, neither their guests nor WrestleCon will be responsible for liquidated damages as a result. The major deciding factor came from an emergency declaration from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to cancel events for 30 days.

All Elite Wrestling wrestler Chris Jericho launched a social media campaign after he heard the news. However, the campaign — while recognized by Marriott — was not a factor in their decision-making process.

“No court in the world would force you to pay this bill AND if we go into city-wide lockdowns, they won’t have a leg to stand on anyway,” Jericho states as part of the initial tweet.

Organizers expressed their appreciation not only to Jericho but also their Twitter audience for their unwavering support.

Rental Payment Recovery for Steinbrenner Field

The New York Yankees, the owner of Steinbrenner Field, agreed to return their full rental payment, considering the circumstances. As a result, a continued relationship with the venue and ownership is highly likely.

“They are an outstanding organization and if we are able to return to Tampa in the future, they will be our first phone call,” stated the organizers.

Other Decisions Pending

Pending decisions from The Ritz and the bus company used to complete the venue list and utilized services in Tampa. However, no report is available from organizers regarding the status of those decisions.

Regarding Refunds – Patience, My Little Grasshopper

The event organizers cannot stress the following enough: please have patience regarding refunds. As there is no automatic setup for refunds, each refund has to be manually processed.

(AUTHOR NOTE: In other words, please give the organizers time to process refunds instead of interrupting them with Twitter posts asking, “Where’s my refund?” Bothering them as if they were the Internal Revenue Service will only delay refunds further as a result.)

In addition, organizers responded Wednesday to hopeful attendees regarding pre-ordered vendor products and reservation cancellations.

Around 20% of refunds have been processed by organizers as of Wednesday afternoon.

Interview with POST Wrestling

Michael Bochicchio, the owner of, breaks down everything surrounding the event cancellation with POST Wrestling’s John Pollock. Video courtesy of POST Wrestling on YouTube:

As a result of WrestleCon Tampa’s cancellation, organizers will not attempt another event in 2020. Moreover, this is despite rumors that WrestleMania 36 could be delayed and set up for potential relocation. A news report Wednesday by The Sun’s Gary Stonehouse claims the “granddaddy of sports entertainment” could reschedule to June 7. As a result, this reschedule includes a new venue location — Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The 2021 WrestleCon will take place leading up to WrestleMania 37 in Los Angeles. WrestleMania 37 will take place inside SoFi Stadium, the joint home of the NFL’s Rams and Chargers franchises, on March 28, 2021.

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