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NBA Top 100 Players of 2019-2020: 100-76

After the widespread pandemic known as the Coronavirus cut the NBA season short, sports fans have been left without any sports to follow for the first time in recent memory. In lieu of this absence, we decided to take a look at the Top 100 NBA Players based on their stats from the 2019-20 season.

How Rankings are Determined

As always, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about who is more talented than who, and who deserves to be ranked where. We acknowledge this, and because of the impossible task of ranking raw talent, this list is based on a model fair to everyone that considers only objective stats from this season. This keeps players such as Steph Curry and Kevin Durant from their usual place in the top 10 due to their lack of playing time this season. The weight each stat carries when determining the overall ranking was determined by NBA writers from Overtime Heroics. The weight assigned to each stat is the only subjective part of the list. For a full breakdown of which stats and metrics were included and how important we considered them, check out our calculation breakdown here.

NBA Top 100

Just Missed the Cut

Although numerous players have had good seasons, not
everyone can make the top 100. The following players are the first few to miss
the cut for one reason or another. Either they did not play enough games, one
of either their offense or defense was lacking, or they were simply not on par
with the 100 players that did make the list this season.

Notable cuts: Norman Powell, Andrew Wiggins, Buddy Hield, Terry Rozier, Thomas Bryant, Dennis Schroder, Stephen Curry, Jaren Jackson Jr., Draymond Green.

NBA Top 100: 100-76

100 – 96: George Hill, Elfrid Payton, Kelly Oubre Jr., Evan Fournier, Lou Williams

100. George Hill

Hill is top 30 in the league with a TS% of .668, as well as
adding 5.1 win shares, good for 40th in the league. His lackluster
defensive and rebounding stats keep him grounded at the 100th spot.

99. Elfrid Payton

Payton plays his roll to near perfection, ranking 10th in assists per game (7.2) and 8th in AST% (38.6). He is also 11th in the league in steals at 1.6 per game. Turnovers and a poor shooting percentages are his biggest flaws.

98. Kelly Oubre Jr.

After a hot start to the season, injuries have dropped Oubre
several spots in these rankings. He still ranks among the best in the league in
STL (30th), DRB (45th), and PTS (51st). Oubre
ranked 496th out of the 511 players included in this study in
personal fouls per game, and his assist numbers lacked greatly (1.5 APG).

97. Evan Fournier

Known as a sharp shooter, Fournier makes the cut in large
part due to his 18.8 points per game, good for top 50 in the league, and his
2.7 OWS which is top 65 in the league. However, his low rebounding rate and
high turnover and usage rates leave something to be desired.

96. Lou Williams

Although Lou Will is known for his ability to score at will,
his new role on the revamped Clippers squad has allowed him to excel in AST and
AST%. He sits at 5.7 AST (29th) and 29.9 AST% (36th).
He’s also still 51st in scoring at 18.7 PPG. His biggest downfalls
are his defensive and rebounding deficiencies and, more importantly, his 2.9
turnovers per game.

95 – 91: Robert Covington, Zion Williamson, Donte DiVincenzo, Tristan Thompson, Enes Kanter

95. Robert Covington

Covington earns his spot on the list primarily through
defense. His five highest ranking categories are STL (15th), BLK (20th),
DWS (33rd), DRB (36th), and STL% (53rd). While
he also maintains a solid shooting percentage, his issue with racking up fouls
and turnovers and not finding enough open teammates for assists drops him a few
spots in this list.

94. Zion Williamson

Zion ranks in the top 20 in ORB (2.9), PTS (23.6), and PER
(24.2). If this list was solely based on per game production, Williamson would
be far higher. Unfortunately for him, this is a total season list, causing his
19 games played to hurt his standings greatly. He also has room to grow in
turnovers and defensive stats.

93. Donte DiVincenzo

DiVincenzo may be considered somewhat of a surprise on this
list to a more casual fan, but his top 20 ranking in DWS (14th) and
STL (19th) cements his place in the Top 100. His biggest downfalls
are his number of turnovers and turnover rate. Of course, sharing the court
with Giannis doesn’t hurt his standings either.

92. Tristan Thompson

Thompson’s positive resume is made up largely of his rebounding
stats. He ranks fourth in ORB (4.0) and 12th in ORB% (14.5). His DRB
(27th) and DRB% (73rd) also rank very well. His turnovers
and personal fouls hurt his rating more than any other stat.

91. Enes Kanter

Much like Thompson at 92, Kanter slides into the top 100
primarily due to his offensive rebounding. He ranks fifth in the league in
ORB%, grabbing 17.1% of available offensive rebounds. Aside from this
impressive aspect of his game, his stats are relatively mediocre. His
lackluster assist numbers cause him the most harm.

90 – 86: Julius Randle, Derrick Rose, Jaylen Brown, Aaron Gordon, Marquese Chriss

90. Julius Randle

Randle is a top 40 scorer in the league and ranks among the
top 27 in both offensive (27) and defensive (18) rebounds per game. His
consistency is also big in this ranking as he appeared in 64 games this season.
His 3.0 turnovers per game and high usage rate on a team that doesn’t score
well drop him in at 90 on this list.

89. Derrick Rose

Offensive production has always been Rose’s calling card,
and this season is no difference. His two highest ranked stats are AST% (6th)
and AST (30th). He also maintains an 18.1 PPG average, good for top
60 in the league. His high usage rate combined with the 2.5 turnovers per game
are the most notable negatives on his resume.

88. Jaylen Brown

Brown has burst onto the season in Boston as a borderline
star. His 20.4 points per game ranks him at 32nd in the league. This
along with his DRB (5.3) and STL (1.1) makes him a deadly two way wing.
However, his high rate of acquiring fouls and turnovers leaves room for growth
in the young star’s game.

87. Aaron Gordon

Gordon was once considered to have one of the brighter
futures amongst young stars. Underwhelming play and some injuries have dropped
his stock steadily over his young career. Above average numbers in rebounding,
assists, and blocks have kept him in the top 100, but poor shooting percentages
and turnovers keep him out of the top 85 this season.

86. Marquese Chriss

With the new look Warriors squad, Chriss has stepped into
more of a Center role than his typical forward position. This has helped him
bolster his blocks and BLK%, averaging 1.1 (32nd) and 4.7% (37th)
respectively. His rebounding has also been above average, but his turnovers,
fouls, and lack of points per game keeps the young big man ranked at 86.

86 – 81: Dejounte Murray, Delon Wright, Nemanja Bjelica, OG Anunoby, T.J.Warren

85. Dejounte Murray

Murray excels in his role as a lanky point guard. His top
four stat categories are associated with steals and assists in which he
averages 1.7 and 4.1 respectively. The young guard has the potential to be
higher on future lists if he can continue to reduce his turnovers and increase
his shooting efficiency.

84. Delon Wright

Another surprise candidate sneaks his way into the list due
to his consistency and defensive prowess. Appearing in 65 of the Mavericks 67
games this season, Wright ranked top 40 in both STL and STL% where he averaged
1.2 and 2.6% respectively. His high turnover rate was his biggest downfall this
season along with his lack of scoring.

83. Nemanja Bjelica

Bjelica’s contributions come from in large part from his miscellaneous
stats. Along with his small number of games missed, his OWS and WS provide the
biggest boost to his rating. He also ranks in the top 70 in both offensive and
defensive rebounding. His high turnover rate and average of 3.0 fouls per game
negate some of his offensive firepower.

82. OG Anunoby

The guy with arguable the coolest name on this list locks
down his spot the same way he locks down opponents. Anunoby ranks 9th
in DWS, 19th in STL, and 71st in BLK. However Anunoby
still has work to do to round out his game as his AST%, DRB%, and PER are all
well below average.

81. T.J. Warren

Warren’s intangibles move him nearly into the top 80 players
this year. He ranks in the top 50 in WS (35th), OWS (42nd),
and DWS (48th). He also barely misses the top 50 in PTS (51st)
and STL (52nd). His low rebounding and assist rates combined with
his high usage rate leave him as high up this list as he is.

80 – 76: D’Angelo Russell, Myles Turner, Larry Nance Jr., Malcolm Brogdon, Jakob Poltl

80. D’Angelo Russell

DLo had a decent start to the season on his new team in the
Bay. He continued his growth when he was once again dealt in a trade, this time
to Minnesota. His injuries throughout the season drop his ranking slightly, but
his top 25 ranking in AST% (16th), PTS (21st), and AST
(24th). Keeping him from moving higher on the list, along with games
missed, is his high turnover average and low rebounding averages.

79. Myles Turner

Turner’s biggest upside has been his defense this year. He
ranks 5th in BLK (2.2) and 18th in BLK% (6.5%). He also
ranks in the top 20 in DWS and 2.8. Being a big man, it is expected that his
assist rate and average are his biggest downfall. It’s also notable that he is
ranked 273rd in STL% although he’s considered a defensive minded

78. Larry Nance Jr.

Nance’s rebounding, which is top 50 on both offense and
defense, lands him in the top 80 of this list. His 5.4 DRB and 1.9 ORB are his
two highest ranked stats. His turnovers and assist rate leaves much to be

77. Malcolm Brogdon

Brogdon has been recognized for joining the 50-40-90 club in
the past, and his true shooting percentage is once again a large part of his
ranking. However, his AST and AST% are his two highest ranked stats, both
falling in the top 20. His high usage rate and turnover stats outweigh some of
his efficiency however, leaving him just outside the top 75.

76. Jakob Poltl

Poltl’s defense around the rim puts him in this position to
round out the first set of rankings. His BLK% (7.7%) and BLK (1.4) averages
both rank in the top 20 in the league. Strangely for a defensive big man, he
lands in the top 50 in ORB stats, but not DRB. His lackluster points, steals,
and turnover rate keep him in this first round of rankings, outside the top 75.

NBA Top 100 – 75-51 Coming Soon

Up next in our NBA Top 100 series is the next 25 players
with the best stats from 2019-20. The first 25 is full of role players,
surprising stats, and some thriving young stars. Numbers 75-51 include more rising
stars, injury-prone former all-stars, and serviceable veterans. Keep an eye out
for the next article in the series!

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