MLB May Cancel the Draft


One thing after the next continues to happen as a result of the coronavirus. Now there’s news that the MLB and the MLBPA may end up cancelling the 2020 June Amateur draft. On the surface, that decision seems to be a no-brainer. There’s no college or high school baseball being played, making it a little tough to figure out who teams would like to draft. The implications for these MLB hopefuls may be catastrophic for their careers.

College seniors will be in a state of flux. Juniors who planned to enter the draft would also have to risk playing another year at the NCAA level. Doing so may result in seeing their stats fall, should they have a bad season, thus decreasing their value. The players would also be risking injury, as they age another year waiting to be drafted. Hopeful high schoolers would almost be overlooked in 2021, as the 2020 class would have to be added to the 2021 class of potential draftees.

The single upside would be that players who had horrific years in the past would have the opportunity to improve.

It’s a Money Thing for Owners

Teams are obviously not producing revenue right now, so by cancelling the draft, owners would somewhat benefit financially. They wouldn’t see gains, but they wouldn’t invest in what is looking like a lost season.

As MLB and the MLBPA continue to hash through issues, the 2020 Draft will become just another bargaining chip in what’s become a very strenuous relationship between MLB, the union and the players.

Stand by, they should be cancelling the All-Star game next, as this virus lingers on.

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