The Raptor Report: Hope

But hope that can be seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? We hope for what we don’t have yet. So we are patient as we wait for it.


An Old Hope

Working in downtown Toronto, you pass by thousands of different people everyday. Until you get to work and see your coworkers or you meet your friends you might not talk to anybody. Even being surrounded by thousands of people you can still feel alone.

There was a moment when the city was united and that was during the championship run of our Raptors. The championship parade reportedly had over 3 million in attendance. It not only brought the city closer together, but it brought Canada even closer as we celebrated our Raptors and the growth of Canada Basketball.

Starting Friday, March 20th the entire playoff run will be aired over 24 consecutive nights. During a time that we are called to social distance ourselves, we can reminisce on the times that united this city together and believe soon we will be able to do it again!

Greatest Moment in Raptors History

The Grass is Greenest in the Valley

As the pandemic progresses, there is the belief that if Canada continues to take the necessary precautions, this pandemic shall pass. The news has highlighted a lot of the ugly side of certain Canadians (stockpiling instead of sharing). They rarely share all the good that is going on, like the MLSE Corporation taking care of their employees financially. My workplace has had many of the able bodied people and families make meals for seniors in the St. Lawrence community and for families that are in need. Toronto is uniting once again, even during a time of isolation. There is hope in each other joining together and helping each other out. I believe, the Toronto Raptors organization has helped foster this culture in our city. #standingtogether

Help Us OG Anunoby You’re Our Only Hope

You’re My Only Hope

OG Anunoby isn’t the Toronto Raptors only hope, but he will definitely play an integral role if the Raptors want to repeat as NBA Champions. The emergence of OG Anunoby, before the NBA being suspended, has been the OG Anunoby everyone has been hoping for. His defensive presence, and his dominance in the open court has been mesmerizing. OG Anunoby is just hitting his stride and this unexpected rest will allow him to be primed for the 2020-2021 playoff run.

The Good Thing

As a fan, the NBA being suspended has been shocking and painful. We will get through this, and we should all join a support group. You can follow “The Sports Reverends” on social media platforms to get your up to date sports news and fix!

The exciting thing for the Raptors is that it gives them the opportunity to truly get healthy. The rest will benefit all teams around the league, but the Raptors were among the NBA elite with all of their injuries. Once the Association is back, the Raptors will be fully healthy and even more dangerous then before.

A Look Ahead

There are a lot of uncertainties in the NBA, but here are my predictions. The NBA season will be back this year and they will play the remaining games & the entire playoffs. The NBA season will go until the end of August, before the highly rated NFL season starts up. Next season will begin during the 2020 Christmas season. This has been a desire of the NBA to start during the holiday season, believing it will increase ratings and stop competing with NFL.

The NBA off season will occur during September-November.

This is just a prediction. There is also a ‘Woj Bomb’ about it so it has to be a true consideration.

looking forward

Food for Thought

The Raptors have paved the way of doing what is good for their organization and for our city. What is something you can do to help your community. Maybe it is making meals for some of the people in need, or getting groceries for someone that doesn’t have the ability to go to the grocery store. We are called to social distance, but we can still do good for our communities in need. #standingtogether #WeAreCanadian


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