Franchises That Could Move at the End of the Decade


Three franchises are in conversations to move their team due to poor attendance. It will be a while before these teams will decide to make a move. Every stadium contract in the NFL at this point is under contract for a while. Things can easily change in the next decade. Here are three teams that could re-locate in the future.

The Buffalo Bills

New Era Field is owned by one of the franchises that could move.

The Buffalo Bills were definitely in danger of losing their franchise 6 years ago due to not seeing quality production for 2 decades. Long time owner Ralph Wilson died in 2014 which caused commotion by selling the team. Mary Wilson took over briefly until she sold the team to billionaire Terry Pegula. He had already purchased other teams in the area, most notably Buffalo Sabres. After the culture change in recent years, there is no reason to believe he will move the team.

Franchises that could relocate overseas

The Jacksonville Jaguars are always mentioned due to not drawing in the crowds. Seven times since 2009, the Jaguars didn’t sell 60% of their seats per game causing blackouts for most of the season. The past ten years they have been visiting London for a game on a regular basis. Shad Khan became the new owner of the team in 2011, and trying so desperately to change the culture of the team. Recently the team has turned attendance around, which is 15th ranked in the NFL. The stadium lease is not up until 2029 so there is time.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the team that is most likely to move. In the team’s existence they have the worst winning percentage for a team in the four major sports markets. They have put 150 million dollars into Raymond James Stadium although the team continues to put up lackluster performances every season. The owners of the Buccaneers, the Glazer family, owns 90% of soccer club Manchester United. The lease of the stadium is done in 2028 which could mean the end of their home in Tampa Bay.

Out of the three teams mentioned, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the team most likely to leave. The Glazer family has strong ties to the London area. The other team’s owners have too much vested in their own city. Don’t be alarmed. There wont be a franchises’ relocation in at least another decade.

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