How Does Mike Evans Feel About Playing With Brady?

Mike Evans

Last week, the most popular quarterback in the National Football League found a new home. At the age of 42, free agent Tom Brady has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the next 2 years worth $30 million.

Now, a week later, one of his new wide receivers speaks out about what he thinks about playing with the GOAT.

Ever since Jamis Winston was drafted by the Buccaneers, Mike Evans has been a supporter. However, questions have been swirling around about the turnover-prone quarterback but Evens has always backed-up his play-caller.

Now, with Jamis Winston out at Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers swapped for 6-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady. Since the signing, Evans has been mostly silent on social media. While playing Fortnite on Twitch Live, the receiver noted how big it is to have the GOAT on his side.

Playing with Tom Brady

In an interview via the Tampa Bay Times, Evans said “It’s Surreal. He’s about to be my quarterback, man. I know you don’t know football like that, but I’ve played six years in the NFL, I haven’t been to the playoffs yet. Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls.”

Even though Winston had great numbers with the Buccaneers, he could never help get the Bucs over the hump. His turnovers were a culprit of those struggles.

Since 2007, the Buccaneers have not been to the playoffs. Brady has won a total of 11 straight division titles in the AFC East.

In 2019, Mike Evans missed three games and still put up great numbers. To start his career, he has six straight 1,000-plus yard receiving seasons. For five of those six years, Winston has been the starting quarterback. With those sorts of numbers and targets coming his way, it’s not a surprise that Evans always had his quarterbacks back.

The best receiving tandem for Brady is Evans and Chris Godwin. This is the best tandem Tom has had in several years and is likely a big reason he joined Tampa. Now in his seventh year, Evans hopes Brady can finally help him get to the postseason.

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