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Top 5 Houston Rockets Game Winners

In this edition, we will be breaking down the top five buzzer-beaters in Houston Rockets history. The Rockets have a long history of great basketball so there are a lot of choices. Who will come out at number 1?

While the NBA season is on hold we will continue to bring you top moments in Houston Rockets history. From top games to best individual performances, to the greatest playoff wins.

Number 5

Tracy McGrady vs the Spurs December 9th 2004

This game was so much more than just a game-winner. Tracy McGrady and the Rockets trailed the Spurs by 13 points and it seems the Houston Rockets were heading for a loss. That is until McGrady had one of the best 30-second stretches in NBA history. McGrady drained four 3-pointers including a four-point play in the final 33 seconds to give the Rockets an improbable last-minute comeback that to this day is still remarkable.

James Harden vs the Warriors January 4th 2019

Coming off an MVP season and a heartbreaking seven game series loss to the Warriors the Rockets and Harden always look forward to facing the Warriors. Coming into this game the Rockets were without Eric Gordon and Chris Paul heading to Oracle. The Rockets trailed earlier and like number five on our list the game seemed all but lost.

This is when the MVP took over hitting bucket after bucket bringing the Rockets back to force overtime. In Overtime Harden received the ball with 5.5 seconds left crossed over Klay Thompson and with Draymond Green closing fast made this remarkable shot.

One of Harden biggest shot of his career came against the team that has knocked the Rockets out of the playoffs four out of the last five years. What made it even sweeter was that it was over the best defensive guard in the league. Also a former defensive player of the year.

Number 3

Hakeem Olajuwon vs the Orlando Magic 1995 NBA Finals

The Rockets came into the NBA Finals heavy underdogs despite being the defending champions. The Magic were the new NBA darlings after knocking off the Bulls and Michael Jordan. The Rockets were the sixth seed and many didn’t give them a chance. It looked like the experts were right for most of the game.

The Rockets were down big early but Kenny Smith hit a then NBA Finals record seven 3-pointers. The Houston Rockets as like previous games in this list came all the way back to force overtime.

In overtime with five seconds left Clyde Drexler drove to his right for a layup and the win but it was off and then Olajuwon timed his jump just right for the put back and the win!

Number 2

Mario Elie vs the Phoenix Suns 1994 Western Conference Semifinals

When your game winner has an epic nick name you know it is one of the all time greats. The Rockets like every other game in this ranking were trailing. The big difference for this entry in our rankings is the Rockets were trailing 1-3 for the entire series.

This game winner was the apex of the series comeback vs the Suns. Off a great pass by Robert Horry from mid court Mario Elie with no hesitation and time running out made the biggest shot of his career.

Number 1 Houston Rockets game winner

Ralph Sampson vs the Lakers 1986 Western Conference Finals

What could top a series-clinching 3-pointer? A game-winner to send you to the NBA Finals. The Rockets again came in heavy underdog to the defending NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers in 1986. After losing the first game the Rockets ran off three straight wins and with one second left had a chance to close out the defending champions.

This game-winner sent the Rockets to their second-ever NBA Finals and is number one on our top five list.

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