Joe Burrow is the Only Pick the Bengals Have

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Joe Burrow will be the Cincinnati Bengals first pick overall. If you don’t know that by now then read this article. Pencil this pick in. There is no way the Bengals trade this pick. The Bengals have to play with the likes of Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, and Ben Roethlisberger. They have to get a quarterback that will give out that star quality right away.

Joe Burrow Had an Epic Season

All the low-level teams need a quarterback of some kind and Burrow is the elite quarterback the Bengals need. Let’s talk about how epic last season was. He had no weaknesses and no injuries to speak of. He threw for 5671 yards, threw for 60 touchdowns, and threw 6 interceptions in 15 games. His completion percentage overall was 76%. When he was pressured he was at 72%. His completion percentage was 62% when throwing 15 yards or more. Against man coverage, he was 70% whereas in zone coverage he threw 77%. Each category listed he finished first in the country.

Attributes That Joe Burrow Possesses

Joe Burrow at quarterback LSU.
Joe Burrow, SELU vs LSU at Tiger Stadium, September 8th 2018, Tammy Anthony Baker, Photographer

He has extremely great ball location. He has the unique ability to extend plays which gives you the same tangible that Ben and Lamar do. His physicality and anticipation are top notch.

More Reasons to Pencil Joe In

He stayed healthy throughout his entire career. He plays at such a high level in big games that translates as being ready to become a starter. People talk about the speed of the game in the NFL. Joe Burrow dominated every top defense the SEC threw at him which he will see the same level of play in the Pros.

Burrow has great decision-making skills. He might not make every throw but he will always make wise throws. This Is a no brainer. There have been rumors about the Miami Dolphins trading up for Joe Burrow but they would have to trade every single pick. Even then it won’t be good enough.

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