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Dak Prescott Continues Contract Dispute

Dak Prescott has been in the media eye since the beginning of last season because of disputes with his extension. Prescott wants to be the highest-paid quarterback in the league and the Dallas Cowboys think otherwise. Toward the beginning of the month, the Cowboys franchise-tagged Prescott which would give him 33 million dollars guaranteed this season. This also gives both sides to negotiate on a deal.

Dak Prescott Received an Offer

Recently the Cowboys gave Prescott an offer of roughly 35 million dollars a year for 4 years and the guarantee is upwards of 9 figures. There is a wrinkle in this offer that doesn’t sit right and it is not just about the amount. The guarantee is spread out throughout the contract instead of a significant amount at sign. This dispute will continue on. By the start of the season, Prescott has threatened to not sign his franchise tag if a deal is not completed. They are now back at the table trying to get something done.

Does Prescott Have a Legitimate Complaint

The main thing is Prescott has done everything possible to do what needed to be done. Of course his stats are amazing for a team that likes to run the ball. In his four year career, he collected 15,778 yards, 97 touchdowns, 36 interceptions, and a passer rating of 97. The numbers are there but what about the main goal.


Winning is the main goal in a franchise. During his four seasons, the Cowboys made it to the playoffs twice. The twenty years prior the Cowboys made it to the second round three times. The Cowboys had one losing season under Prescott but twenty years prior they had 11 losing seasons. The winning culture is there but does he have the skills to take it higher.

Dak waiting for a deal

The final thing is what has been the Cowboys culture on paying players. Close to a dozen players that play around Prescott has received a contract for the most money in Cowboys history at that position. Where is his money?


NFL players are relying on a major factor in contracts and that’s guaranteed money at signing. More and more times players are looking for a shorter contract so they can see most of their contract guaranteed at signing. A long term deal will only get done if it’s the highest paid but then Prescott won’t get a lot of it guaranteed at signing. He could think about a three year deal for 35 million dollars a year but have a majority of the guarantee at signing. Then when two seasons are up he can renegotiate for the killer deal. By then they could go for a couple more playoff runs.

This will take a while. The good news is they are now working hard to try and get this extension done. Is he worth being paid the most in history for a quarterback? We shall see.

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