Under the Radar Free Agents That Could Change Teams 2020 Futures.

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There are several under the radar free agents that have been picked up over the last several days. These players are not necessarily the name brand characters the casual fan flocks to but core pieces that can help improve a team in certain areas.

You’ll notice most of these under the radar free agents are on the defensive side of the ball. Mainly because if you fly under the radar on offense, like say a Nelson Agholor, you aren’t helping your team as much as a defensive player.

This is mainly because defensive players tend to fly under the radar. You can’t justify who plays well and who doesn’t by stats on defense. It just doesn’t work that way. Some of the best defensive players in the league fly under the radar. Corners like Byron Jones and Darius Slay for instance. Under the radar presences that don’t stuff the stat sheet but if you watch the film you see how critical they are to the team’s defensive success.

Five Under the Radar Free Agents

Will Parks, Safety, Eagles

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Parks was a big part of the Broncos defense last year. Did he stuff the stat sheet like counterpart all pro Justin Simmons? No, but he didn’t have to. If you watch the tape what Parks does extremely well is prevent the big play. That is what you want from your safety. Parks was simply not thrown at in coverage for the Broncos in 2020. He is most certainly an under the radar free agent that could change the Eagles fortunes in 2020.

Dante Fowler Jr., Edge, Falcons

This is cheating a bit. Fowler probably isn’t the most under the radar guy but he looked like one of the best edge defenders in 2019. His year did show up on the stat sheet with 58 tackles and 11.5 sacks, not to mention 16 QB hits. Fowler was and has been a master at providing pressure for the Rams these last two years, including a standout performance in the 2018 NFC Championship game. Fowler could give the Falcons another dynamic pass rusher and could help revitalize Takk McKinley.

Artie Burns, Corner, Chicago

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Under the radar is the perfect term to describe Burns. I would argue from 2016-2018 he was one of the leagues top ten corners. Last year was an anomaly. Benched against the Browns Burns is a high risk pick up for the Bears, if he pays off though he could become part of one of the best secondaries in the league. Burns was not good last year, that said there is something for betting on a majority of a players career and if that bet pays off for the Bears Burns could go from under the radar to top of the league.

Blake Martinez, MLB, Giants

Martinez is an under the radar tackle machine. The Giants plan seems to be to get veteran leaders that can tackle. Martinez is that guy.

BJ Finney, RG/C, Seahawks

Offensive linemen tend to be the most under the radar players out there. Finney is practically mistake free when it comes to penalties and is one of the best pass protectors in the league. Bonus under the Radar, Phillip Dorsett, watch out the Seahawks are sneaky trying to tell us they are going with an all out passing attack in 2020.

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