FC Barcelona and the Enigma of Ousmane Dembele

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FC Barcelona have had the French Winger, Ousmane Dembele on their team for several years now. When he first came to the team he made Barcelona supporters drool with excitement due to his skill. Now he’s causing them to scratch their heads in the frustration of what could have been.

Dembele’s Injury History

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Dembele first came to Barcelona from BVB Dortmund at the age of 20 years old in 2017. Barcelona paid a transfer fee worth $137.5 million dollars. At the time he was the most expensive player along with Paul Pogba. Unfortunately he has yet to prove his value and live up to the hype that was there when he first came. Inconsistencies and multiple long term injuries have hurt him. He has been injured for around 60 matches. Dembele has played in 70 and has only scored 19 goals. The most recent injury he suffered happened in February where he will not be able to return to play for six months.

No one knows for sure what the main cause is for his constant injuries. Some blame it on his personal lifestyle. It was known that he did not eat the best foods and would stay up way too late. Others blame it on Barcelona and their training. L’Equipe did some research on the matter and found out that in training he was involved in sprinting only 20% of the time. During matches this grew to an astonishing 90%. It is likely that Barcelona is responsible for not allowing him to still grow as a young man, considering he is only 22 years old, and not taking the proper precautions to help train him properly for matches. He didn’t have this issue when he played for Rennes and he did not have this issue when he played for Dortmund.

Dembele Transfer?

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Likely he will miss the rest of Barcelona’s season, depending on when soccer returns, and Euro 2020 in the summer. So far this transfer has been a bust for the Catalans as Dembele was an attempt to try and fill the void where Neymar once was. Now it seems that Barcelona might try and test the transfer market with Dembele. 

There are rumors that once Dembele is healed, Barcelona will either sell him or try and use him to pick up either Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan, or once again try and bring Neymar back to Catalan. 

Dembele is still a young footballer and his football career is still early. The price tag on his head will be high this coming transfer season. Questions are there though of whether or not he can salvage his career and make a come back. The football world is filled with players who had huge promise and hype, but injuries and poor life choices ruined their career. Guys like Rossi and Wilshere, who were constantly getting snakebit by injuries.

Will Dembele live up to his potential? Only time will tell. But it seems like a change of scenery will soon be coming his way. Força Barça

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