Speaking With Yankees Hitting Coach, Rachel Balkovec, About Her COVID-19 Fundraiser

Earlier this offseason, you may have heard the name Rachel Balkovec. If so, that’s because she made news after becoming the first woman to be hired full-time as an MLB hitting coach.

Not only is Rachel Balkovec accomplishing great feats on the field, but she is also off the field. She has started a fundraiser, “Humans for Humans During COVID-19” to help aid people affected by COVID-19. Rachel has also pledged to donate five dollars a day until Major League Baseball resumes play.

After making a donation of my own, I reached out to her to thank her for all she is doing. After we spoke about the fundraiser, I was able to complete a short Q and A with Rachel! Enjoy!

Question and Answers

Q: For people that aren’t aware of your campaign, can you tell us what it’s for, and what you hope to accomplish with it?

A: “I felt called upon to do something good for the community, and it may just seem like a drop in the bucket, but anything we can do to help at this time is important. Of course, I want to be able to give money, but I also want to be able to spread the spirit of giving…”

Q: What are some of the causes you plan on donating to or already have donated to?

A: “The first-week donations went to a food bank in North Carolina, The Food Bank of NorthEastern North Carolina. I’m open to taking suggestions, this is a long-term thing so I’m hoping God, or the universe, or whatever else you believe in, help me direct which way the next donation will go.”

Q: How can people who can’t afford to donate money still do their part to help others?

A: “Staying home is even helping at this point. If you can’t give your money, give your time to a cause. Something like visiting a nursing home and stand outside the windows. To make sure that the elderly people still have visitors, even if it’s just waving hi, that’s doing your part. However, you can be helpful in your community is doing your part.”

Q: And finally, a question about you, how has your experience been so far working with the Yankees and the players within the organization?

A: “It’s been great! The Yankees are so fascinating to me. They have always been so successful historically but yet are still pushing forward progressively. Obviously, I’m a very obvious example of hiring a woman in a position that’s not very traditional. But I’m just one of the progressive additions they’ve made. If you look at the hitting department it’s mostly all collegiate coaches. They just want to bring people in who are knowledgeable and passionate. Somebody who is willing to think outside the box…”

If you are interested in making a donation to Rachel’s fundraiser, you can find the link on her Twitter!

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Rachel Balkovec

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