Looking Back at the Greatest UFC Upsets: Part III

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Transitioning from the UFC legend Randy Couture and his astounding comeback to the heavyweight title, we now move on to a bout that was a total game-changer. When you think of women’s MMA, you can’t get the likes of Ronda Rousey out of your head. She is, no doubt, one of the true definitions of, not just the UFC, but women’s combat sports. In her prime mixed martial arts career, Rousey beat the likes of Liz Carmouche and Miesha Tate in her first year. 


Her run would be an impressive one, filled with dominance. Inspiring many on the younger side and proving herself one of the greats. However, in the tail end of 2015, one fight would change the direction of women’s MMA forever. It would allow the rise of new faces to take shape, while others will fade. Women’s MMA can thank Holly Holm and her performance at UFC 193 against Rousey, for the present-day fight game.

UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm


Holly Holm peppered herself around the top competitors by winning two decisions earlier. When it came time to fight for the strap, Holm was more than ready to provide an upset that changed history. The main event of UFC 193 was originally thought to be another display of Rousey’s dominance. Although, Holm was lurking in the mists and flipped that narrative. Holly came out guns blazing and tagged Rousey with multiple left hands. In the round, Holm also scored a takedown, as she clearly was the superior fighter. 

Holm continued her success and entered the second round ready to finish the job. After another knockdown, Holly had Rousey in the perfect spot. Staggered and trying to get back to her feet, Holm stunned her with a vicious head kick. This kick, which Holm has used quite a lot over her career, ended Rousey’s championship run and overall sent her packing. To add to the history, Holm hadn’t finished an opponent before Rousey, the best women’s fighter at the time. That certainly can add to the devastation for Rousey and the enjoyment of Holly.

ufc upsets
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A True Game Changer

At the time, women’s MMA had been dominated by Ronda. The game had never seen a competitor quite like “Rowdy.” Before the main event, however, Holm commented on a question on how she was the clear underdog in the fight. “She’s been the most dominating. That doesn’t mean she’s not beatable.” Two of Holm’s trainers, Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, gave the confidence needed to assist Holly in her history-altering bout. “Their confidence in me gives me confidence… They’re serious with me, telling me what I did wrong. “They give me good direction.” 

Evidently, they did, as Holly changed the entire UFC and totally flipped the script. As reported by Odds Shark, Holm opened the fight as a 33-4 underdog. This clearly backs the reason why this was such an upset. This fight proved to the world that anyone can beat anyone at any given time. The best are not untouchable and they will have their fall. Just who is able to set out and achieve that goal of being their ultimate downfall? On Saturday, November 14th, 2015, Holly Holm was the person who did just that.

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ufc upsets ufc upsets ufc upsets

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