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Offensive Players That Should Play in the XFL in 2021

As teams continue to prepare for the 2020 NFL season, fans have noticed a plethora of free agents sign from somewhere else. The XFL has seen guys like PJ Walker sign to the Panthers and Jordan Ta’amu to go to Kansas City. There will be apparent gaps on those rosters come the 2021 season.

Below are just the names of a few free agents. These players would benefit from a second chance to play football while also helping the XFL increase their overall viewership:

Kevin White: Wide Receiver

A player who was supposed to be the next best receiver for the Chicago Bears, the former 2015 first-round pick, now resides with no team. Injuries have plagued White his whole professional career. Therefore, he’s only managed to play in 14 total games in three years, logging in 285 yards total, according to Pro Football Reference.

There could still be some of that stud left in him that an XFL team in 2021 could take a chance on. After being cut from the Arizona Cardinals last season, White has had a chance to rest and recover. If a team took a shot at him, he has the opportunity to display that deep threat, relentless speed that he never indeed was able to utilize for Chicago.

Best team fit: Tampa Bay Vipers

Deshone Kizer: Quarterback

Kizer has had one of the worst starts to a professional career possible. Drafted to a quarterback-needy Browns team, he wasn’t ready to be a franchise player yet. The team traded him to the Packers, where he was met by newly acquired Khalil Mack when subbing in for an injured Aaron Rodgers. He was cut by Green Bay and claimed off waivers by the Raiders, where he is now on the roster.

The reason why Kizer makes this list is that he’s most likely going to be cut. The team signed Marcus Mariota in free agency, retained the rights to Nathan Peterman, and still have Derek Carr. Perhaps Kizer makes the practice squad, but even then, there’s not much room for success.

A change of pace in a new league could be precisely what Kizer needs to kickstart his career. He was a great player at Notre Dame and is still very young; he has the skillset to be a decent NFL quarterback. Luck just hasn’t been on his side yet, so hopefully, Oliver Luck will be.

Best team fit: Houston Roughnecks

Jeremy Langford: Running Back

Anyone else remember when Langford was supposed to be the next Matt Forte?

Langford seemed to have the reigns at running back for Chicago until he was injured and replaced by Jordan Howard. Running backs bounce all over the place in football. We’ve seen franchise guys like Todd Gurley get cut. Langford has bounced around teams with the Ravens and Falcons but hasn’t found his new permanent team.

He’s getting there in age at 28, but Langford still is a workhorse who could find himself working on a running back needy XFL team. Some good looks there can get him right back to the NFL in no time.

Best team fit: Seattle Dragons

Terrelle Pryor: Wide Reciever/Quarterback

It seemed like decades ago when Pryor was the Browns’ best receiver. The quarterback turned receiver has had his fair share of ordeals after that stint. He was signed and cut by the Jets, Redskins, and Jaguars, and recently stabbed by an ex-girlfriend.

He’s up in years at age 30, but Pryor could play a good leadership role for younger XFL players. He’s got a great frame and could find success against some of the league’s less experienced cornerbacks.

Best team fit: New York Guardians

Jay Ajayi: Running Back

A former draft pick for the Dolphins, Jay Ajayi, was a crucial part of an Eagles Super Bowl back in 2018. He was cut the next season as the team acquired Jordon Howard. Since then, the running back has switched over to professional gaming.

Ajayi is a workhorse and could be an excellent first-down back for any contender looking for depth at running back. A season in the XFL will get that film out to NFL scouts that he’s still got it.

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