Scouting Report: Tyler Bey


Tyler Bey Scouting Report

By: Alex Brown @AhbAnalytics

Player Profile

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2020 Draft Age: 22.36 Years

Measurements: 6’7 (though I believe he could be taller), 218lbs, 7’1 Wingspan

Background: Born February 10th, 1998, Las Vegas native. Was considered a 3 star recruit by ESPN. Bey started 21 games during his freshman year at Colorado averaging 6.1 points and 5.1 rebounds. He jumped to 13.6 points and 9.9 rebounds during his sophomore year, and clearly had been working on expanding his range. He won the PAC-12 MIP and first & second team all PAC-12, led the PAC-12 in rebounds, and finally won PAC-12 DPOY. He has declared for the 2020 draft after averaging 13.8 & 9 this year.

Injury Report: Undisclosed minor right hand injury (2020). Sprained (not separated) Acromioclavicular Shoulder Joint (2018). No Major Injuries.

Personality Notes: Emotional (makes him lose focus at times), plays within his role & with a bit of an edge. Makes some dumb mistakes/fouls when he gets upset, but only when he is upset. Emotions tend to override his logical side, so making sure he can stay mentally present/tough will be important with his maturity, but not a major negative. Despite high emotion, he does not demand the ball and plays within his role, except when he is expected to bail out the offense at Colorado. He is consistently described as a really tough kid by his coaches, and it shows.

Athleticism: Explosive vertically even from a standstill, doesn’t need much room to load, really fluid runner in space with excellent coordination and hands.

Projected Fit: 3&D Rotation Wing, Superior Team Defender.

Projected Draft Landing: 25-35

Statistical Profile:

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 8.34.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 8.34.37 PM.png

Career Projections:

  • High: Spot Starter and valuable (low usage) 3&D rotation wing that develops gravity on the offensive end as a shooter. Mentally matures to the point where lapses in focus are few and far between… High mental standards for himself allow him to push himself forward as a shooter, and he does not settle for being an average rotation wing. Adds some movement shooting and increases spot-up volume, but is no creator. Defensively, he provides superior value on and off the ball, generating extra possessions and positively impacting the game. Additional strength allows him to become a more versatile interior defender… High Rotation-Spot Starter.
  • Medium: Low usage 3&D wing with average shooting, just a 4th or 5th option with average gravity. Scores primarily in transition, off cuts, and open catch & shoot jumpers. Defensively, he continues to provide high value on and off the ball, generating extra possessions and positively impacting the game. Mid-High Rotation.
  • Low: Low usage defensive oriented wing… Lack of perimeter gravity development and poor finishing limits his offensive role significantly. He remains a high value team defender and on-ball defender that will positively impact the game by generating extra possessions… Remains rather emotional, allowing himself to mentally take himself out of the game if not performing to his standards. Low-mid rotation.


Synergy Profile:


Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 2.14.28 PM.png
Short Chart for Tyler Bey via InStat


  • System IQ: Knows how to move off the ball when involved in finding zone gaps, etc. Bey can be a high IQ cutter as well, and reacts quickly… One thing that was interesting regarding Bey’s IQ was that he plays great in a system, but no so much in chaos. When he is expected to be creative, he just does not make the right decisions enough to be effective. However, he understands how to direct and manipulate a system, which should be taken into account when setting his role at the next level. This persists when getting him in rhythm off screens or for spot ups…

  • Above the Rim Finishing: While Bey’s driving ability is mostly limited to attacking closeouts, if he gets downhill he can really can dunk the ball at a high level… Once he gets airborne he is very difficult to contain without fouling, and can really finish strongly in space. he certainly looks the part of an NBA finisher when he is throwing down these kind of dunks…

  • Free Throw Generation: Tyler gets to the line quite often, attempting just under 6 free throws per game with a .693 FTAR, which is quite good for someone with his usage rate. Career 74.7% from the line is nothing special, but supports his touch and potential to be an average deep threat. He makes a point of getting to the line.
  • Offensive Rebounding: Bey generates 2.0 OREBs per game, which is pretty solid for a wing/combo forward that doesn’t easily clear out space down low. His superior length, hands, and ability to get off the ground quickly help him tremendously on the boards. Bey also has some foresight regarding where misses will end up, and can get rewarded for intelligent positioning. The consistent production is encouraging for a player who is likely to play the stretch 4 and wing spot at the NBA level. Unfortunately, he finishes put-backs at a low rate, only converting 10 of 27 this year (37%). 
  • Shot Improvement: Bey has improved his low volume 3pt shooting from 22.7% last year to 41.9% this year. While he still has notable mechanical inconsistencies, his flashes of a touch & a solid jumper are worth buying stock into developing if you are an NBA team. He is unlikely to ever be a volume threat from deep, but if he can stretch the floor (even at an average rate), bury standstill open 3’s, and play really tough defense, he will provide offensive value. He also has shown potential as a rhythm catch and shoot wing (especially off-screens at 99th percentile), and even had a few sets run for him to get him open for C&S 3’s, shown below:

Improvement Areas

  • 3pt Shooting Volume: Buried 13 of his 31 three pointers this year, and has shown better touch and confidence from deep when in rhythm. His form falters and changes subtly in his upper and lower body, and you can tell he really needs to just shoot a lot of reps in the gym to develop that muscle memory.  He needs to focus on developing this part of his offensive attack to add notable NBA level offensive value. Regardless, he is unlikely to be a movement shooter or a volume deep threat. Likely semi-efficient on low volume, but hopefully develops more gravity and consistency as his volume increases. The fluidity is there, he just needs work.
  • Lacking Guard Skills: Not a terribly intelligent or accurate passer, though he has flashed vision operating within the arc and in the post vs doubles and zone defense. He is not a guy you want handling the ball often, but rather a guy who can move the ball a bit on the perimeter or work with/off bigs down low. His handle needs to improve dramatically if he wants to be more effective across the board as a wing. 1.5:2.4 assist to turnover ratio.
  • Finishing Through Contact: Bey only shot 44% on 170 attempts around the rim, and the majority of his misses were due to his avoidance of contact and lack of touch that follows. He has a questionable left hand as well. Despite his high IQ when in system offense, he struggles to create for himself down low despite his tools. Lack of strength, touch, and proper positioning are the main factors. He also tends to slow down tremendously (or stop completely) when contact is imminent, and does not play with enough physicality. He needs a lot of work on his finishing package.

  • Shot Creation Package: Bey should not be expected to create his own shot at a high level, and while he does have the ability to consistently get to his mid-range jumper via face-ups, it is not that efficient. The only situations I would want Bey creating in are against mismatches with limited length, as Bey does an excellent job of rising up quickly and keeping the ball high. He struggled against length and was notably uncomfortable at times, though he did flash a fadeaway jumper with touch at times.



  • Team Defense: With the modern offensive game valuing spacing, ball movement, and perimeter weapons, team defenders are increasing in value dramatically. Bey has that valuable team defense that will always help him maintain a role. He has really good timing on rotations when he is needed as a rim protector, his length is disruptive, his head is on a swivel, and he seldom has lapses in awareness/missed rotations.
  • On Ball Defense: Bey has notable fluidity and quickness in his hips and feet, which is most evident in his on-ball defense. While his post defense needs work (primarily due to strength/technique), his length allows him to effectively contest most 4’s. He does a far better job at making it difficult for the offense to feed bigs…

  • Defensive Impact: With a +7.0 DBPM, 3.3 stocks per 36 minutes, 3.1 STL% and 4.2 BLK%, Bey’s defensive impact is simply elite on and off the ball. He even added 2.5 defensive win shares this year… Regarding rim protection, Bey is simply excellent. He rotates incredibly well, stays vertical, uses his length and bounce effectively, and has excellent instincts, anticipation, and timing. his impact as a rotating (non-big) rim protector is incredibly valuable. His ability to generate turnovers at a higher rate is also highly valuable, as Bey does not need to gamble significantly to create extra possessions for his team.
  • Defending Without Fouling: Rarely getting into foul trouble, Bey never once fouled out during his junior year. He only averaged 1.9 fouls per game, and as such an impactful defender who defends multiple positions this is quite a positive trait. It helps showcases his switch-ability effectiveness and versatility… His quickness, high IQ technique, and fluidity all contribute to this.
  • Defensive Rebounding: Bey does a good job of grabbing rebounds, both uncontested and contested. He rebounds at a rather high rate, finishing at 32.7% in 18-19 and 27.9% in 19-20. He can rebound out of his area effectively using smart positioning and his physical tools. He will provide value on the glass from the wing/stretch 4 spot, especially if he strengthens up.

Improvement Areas

  • Strength, Post Defense: If there is one area where Bey can be nitpicked a bit, it is his strength and post defense. If Bey wants to increase his interior defensive versatility, he needs to bulk up in order to not have to rely so much on his length. this is a relatively common issue for defensive wings and their versatility, so I have little doubt that Bey will do what is necessary to get there. It would reinforce the tough perception others have of him.

Overall Outlook

I am a Tyler Bey advocate, and believe that he will positively impact winning wherever he goes. Wings with his defensive prowess are a rare commodity, and the offense has potential too. The lack of a standout offensive skill hurts his role, but his incredible defense and high end athleticism are sure to win him a consistent NBA role for years to come. I expect him to be a valued role player that can make a winning impact, especially defensively. I also expect his shot to develop, but his volume to remain rather low comparatively.

Major Swing Factors: Shot development for added volume, strength, finishing.


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