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Basketball Golden Hall

Overtime Heroics is undertaking an ambitious project:  naming the top 100 basketball players of all-time.  The Basketball Golden Hall has a distinct twist that sets it apart from similar endeavors.  Experts and fans will have the opportunity to vote.  As we all know, the “real” Hall of Fame is ripe for change.  Therefore, the Basketball Golden Hall will honor those truly great individuals who excelled at basketball beyond all others.

The Top 100 Basketball Players

Any worthwhile hall of fame must leave room open for change, however. Voting will take place every ten years for that very reason. Voters will be able to consider new players and revisit old ones.

As a reference, please check out the Baseball Golden Hall.

For your ballots, see:

What It Is

We will debate and deliberate in OTH forums, on social media, and cast our votes, culminating in the fielding of the ten best teams plus 50 backup players.  The basketball writers here at OTH will each cast ballots.

You, the reader, are invited to submit your own selections by voting in our series of Google and Twitter polls.  Your combined votes forms a unified ballot. Once your votes are tallied, that ballot will be cast right alongside those of our experts.

At the conclusion of balThe winners will be revealed at the conclusion of balloting, and we will publish profiles on each of the 100 members of the Golden Hall.

How It Works

The Golden Hall will be made of ten starting fives plus 50 additional players of any position.

Voters will receive six ballots: Point Guards, Shooting Guards, Small Forward, Power Forwards, Centers, and the Bench.

On each position ballot, the voters rank the ten best players at each position. On the Bench ballot, voters will rank the 50 best players, regardless of position.  A weighted points system determines final rankings.

The Ballots

The position ballots will contain the 17 NBA/ABA win shares leaders per position, the WNBA win shares leader per position, one pre-NBA player per position, and one non-NBA international player per position.  OTH voters may add more players for consideration.

The Bench Ballot includes the rejected from the position ballots plus additional players to arrive at a cool 100.

The People’s Ballot

We at Overtime Heroics know basketball exists because of the devotion of its fans. You have cultivated learned and strong opinions regarding the best to have ever played the game. Therefore, unlike a certain “Real Hall,” the Golden Hall wants you, the fans, to have an official vote in selecting the top 100 players of all-time.

You can vote for the players you think most deserve to be in the Golden Hall. Voters can cast ballots on both Twitter and Google.  Follow Overtime Heroics and @BBGoldenHall on Twitter to make sure you do not miss a ballot, and look for #BBGoldenHall!

Due to Twitter restrictions, voters will have only four names to choose from at one time. Each ballot will consist of the three highest NBA/ABA wins shares players per position plus a WNBA/international/pre-NBA player. Without a majority, top vote-getters proceed to a runoff.

The player with a majority of votes in a poll wins that round. The player receiving the fewest votes is removed from the next ballot. He or she may reappear in future ones. A player winning his or her first appearance on a ballot moves to a one-on-one against the player immediately ahead of him to determine the relative ranking. This ensures a more accurate Golden Hall placement.

The Results

Look for future articles listing all the players on the ballot.  The greatest in basketball history will forever be immortalized in the Basketball Golden Hall once results are tabulated!

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