2020: The Year of No Baseball

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Baseball Finished Before It Begins

2020 may go down in history as the year of no baseball. America’s favorite pastime postponed? Who is responsible for ending Spring Training and possibly the 2020 MLB season? The culprit, COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, struck throughout the United States. clearing cities, towns, and MLB stadiums. The beginning of the possible end for baseball fans everywhere.

The Year Of No Baseball

No baseball until further notice. On March 11, 2020, the NBA suspended its games for the rest of the season. In the lead-up to March 12, 2019, the organization announced the ending of Spring Training and that they would be postponing the start of baseball. Fans throughout the states left with many questions.

2020 MLB Start Date

When will the season start? Are the teams expected to play their normal 162 games? Many questions and very few answers from the MLB in regards to this upcoming season. A recent article on Bleacher Report referenced games with no fans in the stands. The MLB and MLBPA agreed with officials to wait until the rule of having large gatherings was lifted before commencing any games.

Empty Stands Equals No Baseball

Imagine watching a Major League game like Yankees Vs. Red Sox without seeing a single fan in the stands. Where is the momentum? Where is the excitement? It definitely will not be the same seeing players only on television. A June restart is sounding like an optimistic plan, with states issuing lockdowns through the end of April possibly May.

No Fans No Excitement

Many people do not understand that, at times, the fans are the ones who give life to the game. When a home-run is made, who is cheering and giving out high-fives, the fans are. Fans are the people who make the emotions throughout the game more exciting. Now, can anyone imagine how players would feel when blasting a home-run out of the park with no cheering or screaming?

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Teams Prepped and Sign For Nothing

Aside from not hearing any cheering from the stands. Teams who prepped and sign players to possibly be playoff contenders, what happens to them? Will one-year contracts be extended through the 2021 season if 2020 never starts? Is pausing contracts even an option at this point?

Major Moves Affected By Outbreak

Contracts are not the only thing on fans’ minds, but also on what teams will be affected the most with this outbreak. An example of a team with major moves the White Sox after signing Yasmani Grandal and extending Yoan Moncada. Players who are attempting to remake a name for themselves like Carlos Gonzalez, who recently signed with the Mariners. What happens to the players?

MLB At Risk Of Cancelling 2020

The MLB may be at risk of cancelling the season altogether for 2020. When will all these unanswered questions be answered? The organization is taking matters day by day like the government, but no one can really know. 2020 may possibly be the year the world goes without baseball.

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