Andrew Thomas is Best Fit for Browns


The Browns still need a left tackle after the bulk of free agency has ended. Andrew Thomas, if available, is that left tackle in the upcoming NFL draft. Thomas has been an elite left tackle on a nationally ranked team in what has been called the best division of college football. What more do you need to know? Well, here is what our draft expert Austin Morris had to say about him.

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“In my eyes, Andrew Thomas is a top ten pick. He has some things to work on, and he has moments of inconsistencies, but honestly, his issues can be fixed. He has a high ceiling and has a chance to be an anchor on an offensive line for years to come. Overall I am excited to see where Thomas will go in the Draft. He is a superb talent that can fit with lots of different offenses. Thomas is an easy first-round pick who should go in the top ten. Expect to hear his name called early on the first night of the Draft.”

Austin also compares him to a player that has been mentioned a few times this off-season.

“My pro comparison for Thomas is Trent Williams. Williams, when he came out of college, had a very similar skillset to Thomas. He has great run-blocking ability, and he also had the feet for a left tackle. Williams, too, had the same struggles, but he devoted himself to figuring them out and working on them. He then would be an All-Pro tackle. If Thomas dedicates himself to improving his flaws, he should be a consistent player for a franchise.”

Again, I come back to what more do you need?

If you need more convincing

Thomas has the frame at 6’5”, 315-pounds that teams running a zone scheme offense want. He also showed off the athleticism needed to perform in the system with a 5.22-second 40-yard dash, a 3-cone time of 7.58 seconds, and a 20-yard shuttle of 4.66 seconds. Thomas has played the position at the highest lever for two years, has all the tools, and fits the athletic mold of the offense the Browns will run. While some of the other tackles may have some unique athletic gifts, Thomas is the most polished tackle prospect in the draft. If Andrew Berry is set on making this a playoff team in 2020, then the experience and physical tools Andrew Thomas possesses are precisely what the Browns should bring on board.

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