Tony vs Khabib: Only in Our Dreams?


As the world knows by now, the potential fight of the year, Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov is not going to happen. With this being said, the UFC has all intentions of making sure the event still presses forward. On April 18, UFC 249 is set to take place, without the fight fans hoped to finally see. When I say finally, I can’t put enough emphasis on it. What has become a super fight, has been called off a previous four times before the most recent affair. The nation will now witness Tony fight against the hardcore martial artist, Justin Gaethje, only wishing that he was someone else.

Despite the complications of the main event, UFC president Dana Whitet remains constant with the event. “Will happen somewhere on earth” were the words White used in an Instagram post to announce the legitimacy of the fight. As it stands now, Gaethje vs Ferguson will indeed happen, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The UFC has dealt with its share of backlash from the decision not to postpone or even cancel this upcoming event. The train for Dana is rolling with the words stop, not in sight. Sure that’s all cool and dandy for some fighting action, as the nation is without sports right now. However, the fans are still starving for a fight they were promised five times.

Who’s To Blame?

After being cancelled five times now, Ferguson vs Nurmagomedov seems impossible. The coronavirus outbreak has devastated the fight this time around, along with the many other incidents. Ranging all the way from weight-cutting issues, to tripping over cables. With former two-division champion Daniel Cormier going as far as saying the fight is “cursed”, more and more people start to feel this way. Injuries and health have been the concern for these two world-class fighters in their potential meetings. However, was this time around any different? 

Ferguson called crap to Khabib dropping out of their fifth scheduled main event. Also stating frustration, the Notorious Conor McGregor, as he breaks down the game of chicken on his Twitter. “3-2” called Tony the winner of the game of chicken, as McGregor was another potential opponent to challenge Tony on April 18th. There are two sides to the story, however, and Nurmagomedov is putting his health and safety first. Khabib stayed in his home country of Russia in the wake of the coronavirus concerns. Health and safety have been the priority for both of these men, and this looks to be the same on one’s behalf.


Only In Our Dreams?

The future of Tony vs Khabib is now open for speculation once again. If tried upon again, this will be the sixth time the fight has been attempted to be made. The “cursed” fight is now up in the air more than ever, and the coronavirus isn’t helping one bit. One clear object that has to be hurled over is that Ferguson must get past the ever-surprising Gaethje. Keep in mind, Justin has obviously not been part of a full training camp as he attempts to gear up for the interim belt. Ferguson, as easy as it may seem, must obtain the interim lightweight belt once again if he ever hopes to face Nurmagomedov. 

And, of course, you certainly can’t ignore the growing concern of COVID-19. The US has recently surpassed 9,000 fatalities due to the virus. Until this is cleared up, or at the very least slowed down, the UFC will have to keep a close eye on things. This may result in them canceling more and more events down the road. With no real foreseeable future right now, Ferguson and Khabib, and the world not on our side, this fight of our dreams may only exist when you close your eyes. Let’s all hope that isn’t the case.

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