Does the Spontaneous Yasiel Puig fit with Miami?

Yasiel Puig does the superstition of licking his bat after a foul ball while batting for the Cleveland Indians.
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More and more anticipation and uncertainty is building up due to the suspension of baseball. A big question mark of this extremely long offseason is that, why hasn’t Yasiel Puig signed? Puig being a free agent after starting 2019 with the Cincinnati Reds and then ending it with the Cleveland Indians. A once, and some might say still is, electrifying player is now without a contract as the world looks on without baseball for the moment. With the suspension of play, also comes a postponement to transactions the MLB had said and made official. Just how can MLB fans live a season without Puig’s intriguing antics throughout the years?

The tongue wagging and the bat licking, may indeed be gone forever. Unless of course, Yasiel comes to terms on a rather low quality deal. It was reported this offseason that Puig rejected a $10M deal with an unknown NL team. Predictions at the end of last year only had Puig signing a $8M deal this offseason. And here you have him turning down a $10M offer? This may be the time Puig has to take a step back and return to baseball with a below expectations deal on his part. Here I breakdown the team that could once again sign Puig, to electrify their city.

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The Perfect Fit

The Miami Marlins outfield used to be of great quality supporting the names of Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna. However, the grass out there has taken a step down from what it once was. Miami is aware of this and made an underrated acquisition this offseason to combat that. Corey Dickerson is coming to the popular east coast city this season. A very underrated all-around player no doubt, and is sure to build some great chemistry with the Marlins. Now, Miami has the opportunity to add to that they had already done. Not only can Puig be the best man for the team, but he can also get back to his old self again.

Coming out of 2016, Puig was as hot as ever, and there was no sign of that stopping. However, Puig has taken a bit of a dip from his Dodger years. One problem may very well indeed his constant moving from team to team. A place like the Marlins would be a great place for Puig, and hopefully, for the organization, spark new fans and winning culture. All of this would benefit a spinning wheels Marlins team, who frankly hasn’t been able to amount to each in recent years. With a little Puig antics, and returning to form, the Marlins could be well on their way. That is if they are willing to offer.

For the Marlins to offer a two-year deal to Puig, wouldn’t surprise me at all. Turning down a $10M deal back in winter, Puig is evidently looking for a larger one. To account for the Marlins being the Marlins, Miami may have to dish out a deal in the $12-$15 million dollars. It boils down to how many years the Marlins want out of Puig’s services, and their personal opinion on where he stands in his career. Yasiel Puig needs a place such as Miami to settle down and deliver some great all-star worthy seasons. This would overall, benefit the Marlins and Puig himself. However, as it stands, Puig is unsigned and his future is foggy in the league.

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