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Top 5 Canucks Jerseys of All-Time

Over the past 50 years, the Vancouver Canucks have had many different looks. Let’s look back and rank the top 5 Canucks jerseys up until this point. With many different color schemes and logos varying from the flying skate logo to different modifications on the orca logo the Canucks have had some great looks.

5. 1970-1972 Home and Away Jersey

In 1970, the Canucks inaugural season, they introduced a true classic jersey. The blue, white, and green rink and stick. They featured blue and green stripe on the sleeve with a white V on the outer side. The rink and stick have gone through many different renderings over the year. But none of which came out as clean as the original.

Away Jersey Image Via nucksmisconduct.com

4. 1978-1985 Away Jersey

1978-1985 saw the Canucks wear the flying V jerseys. The home jerseys were not listed as many people consider them a huge eyesore with the base being yellow. The away uniforms were black, the black ones are much more appealing to the eyes and gave the fans their first look at the flying skate.

Image Via dailyhive.com

3. 2019-Present Home and Away Jersey

The current jerseys are a mix of the 1997-2007 and 2008-2018 jersey. When they announced the new jerseys, they kept the orca logo but removed the unnecessary Vancouver wording, just like the jerseys prior to 2008. They also kept the classic Canucks blue, green, and white. The current uniforms gives fans the best of both worlds from the 2000s.

Away Jersey Image VIA thehockeywriters.com

2. 1989-1997 Away Jersey (Current 50th Anniversary Alternate)

This jersey is full of nostalgia, from the Russian Rocket to the ’94 heartbreak. This jersey featured the slick flying skate logo. And a clean looking black and yellow color scheme. Due to fan vote, the Canucks brought it back for the 50th anniversary season and many fans are hoping they keep it around. Fans should expect to see these sweaters again in the future.

Image VIA sportsnet.ca

1. 2014 Heritage Classic Jersey

Although it was a one-off jersey that may never come out of retirement, there is no denying these were something special. The maroon Vancouver Millionaires jerseys were beautiful, they featured cream-colored stripes up the sleeves, a cream collar, and a cream thick stripe at the bottom to bring it all together. Although some bad memories are tied to the jerseys such as goalie Eddie Lack seeming to have some sort of accident in his pants. It shouldn’t take away from how marvelous these sweaters were.

Image VIA o.canada.com

The Canucks have had many nice sweaters and many fans would love to forget. The top 5 jerseys ranked above could look different to many. And they are bound to change as the Canucks introduce more looks. As things go on fans are hoping they stay away from that awful solid yellow look the Canucks couldn’t seem to get away from in the past.

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